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Membership Update

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

We’re starting to receive a significant quantity of membership renewals back which is great news but because the process of recording the payments and confirming the details is all manual it can slow us down, especially at this time of year. So I hope everyone can be patient and allow about three weeks for confirmation to be sent. This is also the first time we’ve done a mass-renewal so there are bound to be a few snags in our processes but dealing with these will make us a more efficient organisation in the future (we hope!).

We currently use an Access database and Excel spreadsheets to store and manage all the data/payments. It’s a cheap and effective system but can be a bit laborious to use. If anyone knows of a better way or would like to help out with streamlining the process please feel free to get in touch.

Trust Board Meeting, 26th November 2007

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Venue: Novar Bar, Kirkcaldy
Present: Alan Russell (AR), Blair White (BW), John Mainland (JM), James Proctor (JP) and Tam Cunningham (TC)
Apologies: Graeme Condie (GC), George Howie (GW) and Tom Philips (TP)

SFL League Insider

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

The SFL have published a new official weekly bulletin with facts and figures for all the weekend’s games which you might be interested in. It’s in PDF format and can be downloaded here. It’s a bit late for this weekend’s matches but it looks like something they intend to publish fr the rest of the season so bookmark the page and have a look towards the end of next week.

And yes, I am emailing them to say I think they’ve got their sums wrong on the ‘Goals Scored’ and ‘Goals Conceded’ tables 🙂