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Supporters Direct Scotland Looks To Future Funding

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Supporters Direct Scotland have today issued a press release in response to funding challenges and the resignation of CEO of SD, Dave Boyle .

There is a groundswell of support for the organisation on Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The hashtag for Twitter is #savesupportersdirect.


Supporters Direct Scotland Annual Conference

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Some members of the Raith Supporters Trust went along to the Supporter’s Direct Conference last Saturday at Hampden. The title of the conference was ‘The future of Scottish Football’ and there were over 25 Trust from clubs across Scotland – from Albion Rovers to both sides of the Old Firm. It was a great opportunity to meet other fans to hear what is happening at their clubs and to share ideas.

The most interesting part of the day was a panel discussion included David Longmuir (SFL), Neil Doncaster (SPL), Fraser Wishart (PFA Scotland), Gordon Thomson (Clyde FC) and Dave Boyle  (Supporters Direct). Fans again made it clear that they were opposed to the reconstruction of the SPL to a top ten during that discussion. The main thing to note from the response was the continued intransigence of the SPL to even think about an alternative model that doesn’t include playing each other 4 times. Neil Doncaster of the SPL came under a lot of criticism and it was clear that the SPL were effectively basing the whole reconstruction debate around the need to have 4 Old Firm games and 4 Edinburgh Derbies guaranteed. In a later session the details of the SPL pans were discussed and for most fans the assumptions they made about increased TV revenue as a result of the new set up were wildly optimistic and completely ignored the volatile nature of the broadcast market in the future. Fan interest and gate revenue appeared an afterthought.

There was also a fascinating session by Clyde FC directors who talked us through how they are constituted as democratic club with one member one vote. Their finance director talked about their budgeting approach and and how they only pay out what they can cover in revenue. The financial impact on the player budget of living within your means was clear for all to see as we know from recent developments at Starks Park. We were particularly impressed by their openness on the finances of the club – with their business plan and management accounts online and accessible to all shareholders. The chance to meet other Trusts was really valuable and we were delighted to play a part in helping make sure that the SPL heard the views of fans directly on their proposed reconstruction