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Some players, yesterday

Full Results of all games from today’s 7-a-side tournament in support of football’s Anti-Racism Fortnight of Action.

Game 1: FC Cain 0 – FF Mingin 2
Game 2: Fife’s Finest 2 – Nearly Great 2
Game 3: FC Cain 1 – Badr United 3
Game 4: Fife’s Finest 1 – Geordie Munrovers 2
Game 5: FF Mingin 0 – Badr United 3
Game 6: Nearly Great 0 – Geordie Munrovers 1
Game 7: FC Cain 1 – Nearly Great 1
Game 8: FF Mingin 2 – Fife’s Finest 0
Game 9: FC Cain 2 – Geordie Munrovers 1
Game 10: Fife’s Finest 0 – Badr United 2
Game 11: FF Mingin 1 – Nearly Great 0
Game 12: Badr United 0 – Geordie Munrovers 2
Game 13: FC Cain 1 – Fife’s Finest 0
Game 14: Nearly Great 1 – Badr United 3
Game 15: FF Mingin 0 – Geordie Munrovers 0

Semi Final 1: Badr United 4 – FC Cain 1
Semi Final 2: Geordie Munrovers 5 – FF Mingin 0

Final: Badr United 2 – Geordie Munrovers 2
Geordie Munrovers win 3-1 on Penalties

Match Day Print This Post

The weather looks good, the teams are picked and the Ralgex is in the kitbag! It’s showtime!

My Edinburgh: Ian Rankin Print This Post

A brief mention, but they all count! News – Ian Rankin & Rebus – My Edinburgh: Ian Rankin

Game On Print This Post

With all the playing and managing places complete all supporters are invited to come along to Stark’s Park this Sunday to cheer the players on and see some Rovers Legends once again grace the turf where they made their names.

Game kicks off at 2pm and entry is free.

Managers Auction Closes Wednesday Print This Post

Just as with the players auction the auction for the managers spots on each team will close at 10pm this Wednesday.

Players Notified Print This Post

All highest bidders should have received notification of the payment details and itinerary for the day. If anyone hasn’t received the information then they should contact James Proctor ( immediately – mobile 07801 815784.

Remember the game, which kicks off at 2pm this Sunday, is free for all spectators so if you’re not playing come along and cheers the guys on.

Player Auction Closed Print This Post

Thanks to everyone who put a bid in for the Dream Team. I’ll be in touch over the next 24 hours or so to pass on details.

In the meantime if anyone wants to bid on the Managers Positions then bids are still being accepted.

Four Hours Left Print This Post

Live the Dream!

A little under four hours left on the players auction.

Home Team: One half game still to receive a bid, plenty of others that you can outbid someone on.

Away Team: Three full games and two half games still to get a starting bid.

I’ll update the site from 8.30pm onwards this evening should there be anyone out there waiting ’til the last minute to bid.

Auction Closes Tonight Print This Post

Just a reminder that the players auction will end at 10pm this evening.

Trust Board Meeting, 25th September 2006 Print This Post

Venue: Novar Bar, Kirkcaldy

Present: James Proctor (JP) Tom Phillips (TP) Neil Langtree (NL) Graeme Condie, co-optee, (GC) Blair White, co-optee (BW) George Howie (GH) Mike Melville, co-optee, (MM) Alan Russell (AR) Tam Cunningham, co-optee (TC)
Apologies: John Mainland (JM) Read the rest of this entry »