Trust Board Meeting, 25th October 2010Print This Post

Venue: Novar Bar, Kirkcaldy

Present: James Proctor (JP), Blair White (BW), Steven Lawther (SL), John Mainland (JM), Alan Russell (AR), Graeme Condie (GC), Tam Cunningham (TC) & Tom Phillips (TP).
Apologies: None

Minutes of the Meeting on 27 September 2010

The minutes were approved.

Matters Arising

Action Point TC – Community Involvement project: Song for Rovers project by John Alexander, TC to contact and request details on what funding do you envisage from the Trust, the participation anticipated from the Trust, what is the potential for the fans, who will manage the project and who will lead the project?
JA’s reply circulated for discussion.
The project was discussed at length and the board decided we would not progress this at this time. There was a possibility that the project in the future could possibly be achieved at a local level involving for example Fife College. John Alexander was informed. – Completed.

Action Point SL & AR: Track side advertisement board: to look at the options for changing the Trust logo and design & costs.
This was discussed and the go ahead for production was agreed.
Action Point SL to contact RRFC’s Chris Lumsden and arrange for the replacement board.

Action Point TP: RRFC board & fans groups require a concordat to develop a shared vision.
TP proposed that the Trust leads this initiative and we formalise an agreement with all parties.
AR contacted all the fans groups involved and to date received no response. – Ongoing.

Action Point TC: to contact GC and ask when the accounts could be made ready for the AGM
Update: Accounts circulated for discussion.
GC produced the draft of the accounts – Completed.

Treasurers Report

GC produced the accounts for the period which were discussed and approved and reported the majority of the bills had been paid. Waiting on RRFC’s Alan Young is to confirm the Trusts share issue.

Membership Update

BW provided an update: membership stands at 209 and reports that there are difficulties at times with the current system in tracking down the members that have not been renewed. 55 reminders have been sent out to members who may have forgotten to renew membership.

Raith Trust Communication Update

SL provided the following report:

  • The Trust Newsletter was printed and handed out to fans at the last home game. The newsletter pdf was emailed to members.
  • Produced an article for the FFP, Trust website and the RRFC website on Val McDermid becoming a member of the Trust.
  • Contacted Gordon Brown via his team and he will sign up to become a Trust member at some point.
  • Ian Rankin declined the invitation to become a member.

New Fans Director

Dave Wann (DW) has accepted the post as the Fans Director, it was now up to the RRFC board to invite DW onto the board.
A meeting will be arranged to allow DW to meet the past fans directors Ali More, Alex Condie and TP which will provide advice, an insight to proceedings and to update DW on current business at the club. JM to liaise with this group.
Action Point JP & TP – to contact RRFC chairman Dave Somerville regarding DW’s forthcoming appointment to the RRFC board.

Raith Trust AGM

Date set for the Trust AGM: 25th November 2010

The board discussed with the attendances at the AGMs were poor and a new style is required to generate interest and increase attendances and link it into a social event. A quiz was mooted and agreed.
Action Point AR – to contact Mike Melville to gauge the feasibility of organising a quiz at short notice.


JP reported the Supporters Direct will provide a workshop for Induction for Board members “Talking Tactics” on 14 November 2010 at East End Park, Dunfermline.

SL handed over the electronic copies of the new Trust logo, letterhead, complimentary slips, etc.

SL & JM to organise a PR event with Dave Wann handing over the cheque of £5K to the club.

JP mentioned the financial plight of Dundee FC and through the discussion a donation to the Dee Trust was declined. The alternative was contacting the Dee Trust and suggesting to publicise their campaign at the Rovers v Dundee game on 27th November 2010.
Action Point AR – to email the Dee Trust.

The meeting closed at 20:55.

Date of Next Meeting

AGM: 25th November in the Raith Suite, Starks Park

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