Trust Board Meeting, 31st January 2011Print This Post

Venue: Novar Bar, Kirkcaldy

Present: James Proctor (JP), Steven Lawther (SL), John Mainland (JM), Alan Russell (AR)
Apologies: Blair White (BW), Tom Phillips (TP), Graeme Condie (GC) & Tam Cunningham (TC)

Minutes of the Meeting on 25 October 2010

The minutes were agreed.

Matters Arising

Action Point SL: Contact RRFC’s Chris Lumsden and make arrangements for the replacement track side advertisement board. Complete.

Action Point TP: RRFC board & fans groups require a concordat to develop a shared vision. AR contacted all the fans groups involved and to date received no response. Discussed at Forum. Ongoing.

Action Point ALL: Email ideas to SL. SL to draft an outline for next Forum Meeting (Early March)

Action Point JP & TP: Contact RRFC chairman Dave Somerville regarding Dave Wann’s forth coming appointment to the RRFC board. Complete.

Action Point AR: Contact Mike Melville to organise a quiz for the AGM. Consider it for next AGM – Complete.

Action Point AR: Email the Dundee Supporters’ Trust regarding publicising their campaign. No plans – Complete.

Treasurers Report

GC circulated the financial figures by email.

Action Point: AR to get three signed copies of accounts from GC. Also require Ali More’s Signature.

Membership Update

BW to provide update by email.

Action Point: BW to provide membership figures.

Raith Trust Communication Update

SL provided the following report. New trust newsletter was printed and handed out to fans at the Falkirk game. The newsletter pdf was put online.

New Fans Director Update

Dave Wann (DW) has attended the RRFC Board Meetings and will be invited to future Trust Board meetings.

Action Point: JM to invite DW to future Trust Board meeting.

SPL Proposals

Positive meeting of supporters’ trusts at Falkirk. Discussion of objectives and actions.

Action Point: AR to email results to Supporters Direct.


Supporters Direct rule change discussed.

Action Point: AR to send email to rest of board.

The meeting closed at 20:30.

Date of Next Meeting

28 February 2011, Alan Russell’s house.

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