Trust Membership Hits 100Print This Post

Membership of the Raith Trust climbed above 100 at the official launch on 27th November.

The meeting in the Parkway Hotel was very well attended by Rovers fans celebrating the 8th anniversary of the Coca-Cola Cup win and wanting to find out more about the Trust aims.

Scott Thomson, one of the heroes of that day in 1994, took questions from the fans and spoke of his experiences on that day and the subsequent European games including Munich.

The evening also allowed elected members of the Trust Board to speak about the reasons for starting the Trust and where they saw the organisation going. It was stressed that the future success and direction of the Trust lies in the hands of members and that the more Rovers fans who were part of this growing, democratic group, the quicker the problems of the club could be addressed.

The Trust would like to thank Scott Thomson and Scott Davie for their valued input on the evening. we would like to thank all those who attended and those who assisted with the organisation of the event.

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