Trust Board Meeting, 31st October 2011Print This Post

Venue: teleconference

Present: Blair White (BW), Steven Lawther (SL), John Mainland (JM), Alan Russell (AR) & Tam Cunningham (TC).
Apologies: James Proctor (JP) & Graeme Condie (GC)

Minutes of the Meeting on 5 September 2011

The minutes were agreed.

Matters Arising

Action Point SL: to produce the next Newsletter with contributions suggested by the board – Completed.

Action Point JM: To enquire when the RRFCs next AGM is to take place – Completed, the recent open meeting covered most of the relevant issues, further conversation with RRFC will be welcomed when the accounts are published.

Action Point: AR to contact Mike Melville if it was possible to provide and run the quiz at the AGM – Completed however, MM was not available to assist.

Action Point JP & TC to produce a paper: A long-term initiative to look at setting up an endowment policy / legacy giving scheme to provide funds forever – First draft produced, JP to comment. Will be ready for the AGM. Ongoing.

Action Point SL & AR to produce a paper: A medium-term initiative to raise funds to wipe out the football club’s historical debt. Ongoing.

Action Point: GC to produce a paper: A day-to-day / month-to-month / year-to-year initiative to “maintain the baseline”, i.e. to define what it will take to keep the Trust running, maintain an X% shareholding in the club, steadily grow membership, or whatever other objectives the project group decide on as “the baseline”. Ongoing.

Action Point AR: To contact Jim Foy for images for the framed memento for John McGlynn’s anniversary – Completed, the framed memento will be ready to be presented to John McGlynn on his anniversary.

Action Point JM: to speak to the RRFC office and request the team sheet payment of £252 be converted into sponsoring players – JM reported there was no response from the club office – Ongoing. JM to ask for the balance to be refunded in NRR shares.

Action Point AR: to put up newsletters, news of events and posters in the south concourse Trust site – Completed.

Action Point AR: To invite Dave Wann to the October meeting – not required.

Treasurers Report

GC was not present.

Membership Update

BW provided an update: 203 members, reminder letters will be posted out. Administration details etc. are being tightened up with more information from the members.

Raith Trust Communication Update

SL reported the Newsletter was produced, printed and handed out at the QoS home game, PR article on the recent comedy event was produced for the FFP & websites. Action Point SL – Produce PR articles for the forthcoming AGM and the John McGlynn anniversary presentation.

Fans Director Update

A list of Fund Raising events was produced and is regularly updated on the official website and on Fan Talk.


Date set is 24 November 2011 at Starks Park with JM chairing the proceedings.

Action Points AR – to ask the RRFC office to prepare the 200 club suite and to produce an agenda.

Meeting closed at 8:30pm.

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