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Supporters Direct Scotland, the voice of football supporters’ trusts in Scotland, today publishes The Fans’ Plan – key recommendations to shape the future of Scottish league football based on the results of supporters’ surveys over the past two years and a detailed analysis of the issues facing the game.

The Fans’ Plan calls for:

  • greater competition within Scottish league football structures
  • equal funding for each team in a league
  • support for clubs by central league management to increase the average attendance over a season of 20% by 2016, and achieve an average stadium capacity utilisation of 65% within 10 years
  • two leagues of 16 teams, and a qualifying league of 10
  • re-introducing the League Cup, with a mini-league qualifying format structured on a geographical basis with four teams in each group
  • improved training and professional development for all players including greater use of Modern Apprenticeships and post-career planning
  • the establishment and implementation of a strong club licensing scheme

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  • john lawson says:

    The future of Scottish Football – I would like to see bonus points introduced. If we have a league structure where teams play meet each other twice – home and away then … if team A win both games then team A will get 2 bonus points. If the outcome is a win for team A and a draw then 1 bonus point goes to team A. No bonus points for both games ending in a draw. This will, to some extent, reduce meaningless games.

  • Alan Russell says:

    I like it John!

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