Trust Board Meeting, 28th May 2012Print This Post

Venue: Novar Bar, Kirkcaldy
Present: John Mainland (JM), James Proctor (JP), Tam Cunningham (TC), Niall Russell and Steven Lawther (SL)
Apologies: Steve Wallace (SW), Graeme Condie (GC) and Alan Russell (AR)

Minutes of previous meeting
It was agreed that they were a record of the previous board meeting on 12 March 2012.
Action: AR to publish to website

Matters Arising
AR to publish minutes to website – Completed
Policy Papers
– AR to phone members who have ticked the relevant skills box in joining form – Ongoing
– Other board members to develop papers further and create list of help/skills required to complete them – Ongoing
AR to contact Bill O’Neill to confirm unused sponsorship for team sheets: shares were received for the unused sponsorship – Completed
Steve Wallace to look at possible events for later in the year – On agenda
Blair to work with Niall Russell to hand over the membership information- Completed
AR to add Niall and Steve’s email addresses to the board list – Completed

Treasurers Report
GC gave an overview of Trust income and bank balances.

Membership Update
Currently 218 members.
– NR would do at home with AR to print info and help.
– SL to send letter to NR to update

Raith Trust Communication Update
Agreed to take Lottery Sponsorship
Programme advert option as part of sponsorship
Possible use of players – firm up on usage, beer festival?
Facebook page – encourage everyone to post more light stuff as it gets a response
Laura Jarvis – RRFC website story – speak to BW
Renewal letter to be re-drafted – SL to Action
First game target for newsletter – Could do with being regular – part of Trust KPIs

Beer festival has £1k sponsorship and free pies, crisps, 25 cases of beer and 8 kegs
Need to think of creative ways of marketing
FFP – photocall – pics from last year
Camra events – list beers – use players if possible

Trust Away Day
JP to put round dates and check availability
AGM in November – make it an event

Rally Round the Rovers
A Hall of Fame Dinner is planned and the big blue bin will be opened.

Fans Forum
Main topic had been the possible refurbishment of the Raith Suite and its effect on the 200 Club.

Report of Supporters Direct Scotland Stirling meeting
The meeting was attended by a little over half the Scottish trusts. The votes were in favour of retaining a single organisation and in continuing to examine how best to create a network of all supporters organisations in Scotland.

Sale of Books – JM to arrange for a small supply of books to be placed with the Burntisland bookstore..

Date of next meeting
Monday 30 July 2012.The meeting will be held in the Novar Bar, Kirkcaldy unless otherwise advised.

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