Trust Board Meeting, 28th May 2007Print This Post

Venue: Novar Bar, Kirkcaldy
Present: Alan Russell (AR), Blair White (BW), James Proctor (JP)
Apologies: Graeme Condie (GC), George Howie (GH), John Mainland (JM), Mike Melville (MM), Tam Cunningham (TC), Tom Phillips (TP)

Due to the number of attendees present (3) being insufficient to hold a formal meeting, no decisions were taken and the time was used to bring those absent from previous meetings up-to-date with developments.

Minutes of previous meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed as a fair record.

Treasurers Report
In the treasurers absence no update on figures was available. It was noted that the Trust’s contribution of £8000 to the Raith Forum’s fundraising target for the season had not been paid yet.

Membership Update
No change: 484 – (108 founders, 320 new adults, 56 juniors). JP to hand over to BW ASAP. The membership renewal process will be kicked off following the AGM.

Matters Arising
Raith Forum: The Trust’s £8k donation to the Forum’s £30k target for this season has still to be paid. It had been hoped that a public handover of the cheque could have been done at the home leg of the play-off final but obviously this wasn’t possible. A formal announcement of this donation should be made soon, at the same time as the season’s final fundraising total is known.

Previous discussions about the role of the Raith Forum were revisited, and AR was reminded of his action to contact the other member groups and propose that the Forum’s scope is re-focused on fundraising only, and that the other groups be given a standing invitation to Trust board meetings as equal partners to address all other issues of interest.

BW to discuss the Trust board’s suggestions for the South Stand concourse at the next gathering of the Maintenance Group.

SPL2: Draft report with JP and info will be passed to board members ASAP.

AGM: An Election Committee needs to be formed in advance of the AGM, and a period of 2 months is required to make the necessary arrangements. We will set the date of the AGM for August and work back from there.

JP shared details of the Supporters Direct (Scotland) annual conference, at the Royal College of Physicians in Glasgow on Saturday 30th June.
AR drew attention to the publication of the “Raith Rovers 2007 – Are We There Yet?” article on the Trust website. More content is required for the website, and the example of the QPR Trust’s site was discussed, who identify a theme per month and target their efforts to exploring each theme in turn. This could work well for us also.

The meeting closed at 21:15.

Date of next meeting
Monday 25th June 2007 – and with no progress made on a new venue and unless a decision is made, the next meeting will be held in the Novar Bar, Kirkcaldy.

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