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Trust Board Meeting, 24th October 2015

Venue: The Boathouse, Aberdour

Present: Graeme Condie (GC), James Proctor (JP), Niall Russell (NR), Steven Lawther (SL) & Alan Russell (AR)
Apologies: Tam Cunningham (TC) & Steve Wallace (SW),

Treasurers Report

Made £10,000 investment in the club which has been recognised and appreciated by the club. The objective is to maintain a buffer above the 10% holding required to appoint a director.

Trust fundraising income has been increasing over the last couple of years replacing declining income from other events.

The 2014/15 Accounts are ready to be independently examined – JP to check rules for holding AGM.

Membership Report

Trust currently has 197 members and NR is chasing outstanding members.

Communications Report

Social media in need of some attention although AR is keeping the website ticking over

Agreed to distribute a Newsletter for Rangers match (SL) on 5 December.

Events Report

SW sent update:


Legacy Giving – AR to look again and add something on the website.

Concourse – good response to new pics and attempts to improve the area.

Raith Forum

Supporters Club – small loan to be paid back in two instalments later in the season.

Foundation of Hearts – they have offered to discuss a comparison of their scheme which aims to raise the funds to buy the club if RRFC want to do something similar.

Supporters Director – JP to organise nomination and election of Supporter-Director. NR to get clubs season ticket database – Andrew Jenkin of Supporters Direct Scotland has offered to act as independent adjudicator for the election.


Look to hold two back to back AGMs in January – JP to organise.

Rule changes. Wholesale rule change to bring rules up to latest standards will be looked at for next AGM. Look to change registered address at the same time – GC to check with club.

Date of Next Meeting

14 November (St. M) or 5 December (Rangers) – dependent on availability.