Trust Board Meeting, 27th February 2016Print This Post

Venue: The Boathouse, Aberdour

Present: James Proctor (JP), Niall Russell (NR), Steven Lawther (SL), Alan Russell (AR) & Steve Wallace (SW)
Apologies: Tam Cunningham (TC) & Graeme Condie (GC)

Treasurers Report

The year end accounts for 2014/15 were passed

GC to provide update for the latest financial position

Membership Report

There are currently 211 members

Communications Report

Newsletter to be distributed at Hibs match (SL)

The election for the Supporter-Director is now closed and results will be announced on Monday.

There have been more updates through social media and we should continue this.

Events Report

The Burns Night was successful and raised over £1,000 despite the short timespan to put the event together. We should plan earlier for next years’ event and build on the success.

The quiz night will take place again in early September and a date can be arranged once fixtures are known.

The Bottled Beer festival is still a good idea but it needs someone to take the lead on it and no one has been identified yet.

The Player of the Year Dance is being put together by a committee of supporters and will take place on 23 April at the Dean Park Hotel.

It was suggested to agree a Community Budget which would allow the Board to  allocate funds quickly to community and good causes – AGREED in principle.
Action: Agree specific budget and simple criteria


Provisionally to be held on Saturday 23 April prior to the Falkirk match. Venue and time to be agreed (JP).


Legacy Giving – AR has added holding statement to the website.

The Board will consider other projects at an Away Day later this year.

Raith Forum

Supporters Club – small loan to be paid back in two instalments later in the season – AR to check progress

Supporters Director – Monday announcement

Away Day

Proposed to hold this at Steven Lawther House on Sunday 10th April. Time to be agreed.

Date of Next Meeting

May or April if Away Day can’t be agreed.

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