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Alex CondieThe Raith Forum are pleased to announce that Alex Condie will take over the role of supporters-director from Ali More. Mr. Condie who is also chairman of Fife Special Housing Association was the only candidate to put themselves forward and complete the nomination process. At a meeting of the Raith Forum on Thursday it was agreed that this completed the selection process and that Alex would be put forward to represent the supporters’ investment in New Raith Rovers, the club’s ownership company.


Mr. Condie, who is now retired after a career in engineering and teaching, explained, “It would have been nice to have been involved in an election but as no other candidate came forward I am happy to accept the role and am looking forward to getting involved.”


The nomination forms were sent out to around 600 Rovers supporters at the start of June with a closing date of 29th June. When only one nomination was received by the closing date arrangements were made for Alex to meet with the Raith Forum representatives in order to sign off on the election process.


As voluntary and unpaid chairman of Fife Special Housing Association Alex has helped the organisation grow turnover to over £6 million with assets of more than £29 million. The organisation has also obtained private finance in excess of £27 million, gained the approval of sceptical communities whose assets it acquired and built a positive partnership with the local authority and business community.


The post will be held for two years at which time further arrangements will be made to fill the role. The Forum would also like to put on record their appreciation for the energy and drive that Ali More has shown out since the buyout in December 2005.

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