Trust Board Meeting, 28th August 2006Print This Post

Venue: Novar Bar, Kirkcaldy

Present: James Proctor (JP), Tom Phillips (TP), Neil Langtree (NL), Graeme Condie, co-optee, (GC), Blair White, co-optee (BW), John Mainland (JM), George Howie (GH), Mike Melville, co-optee, (MM)
Apologies: Alan Russell (AR), Tam Cunningham, co-optee (TC)

Minutes of previous meeting
Minutes were agreed as a fair record of the previous meeting

Treasurer’s report
An update on finances was given.

Membership update
475 – 108 founders, 316 new adult, 51 junior. 1 new adult member.

Matters arising
1. Community Group – Stark’s Park tidy up scheduled Sun 20/08/06 – COMPLETED.

2. Raith Forum mtg held on 17/08/06. Minutes to be forwarded by JP. Chaired by Alex Condie, the primary focus is raising cash for the football club but the Chair is re-establishing the wider principles behind the forum. In that vein, he will try to encourage the football club board to prioritise issues and seek help in there implementation. In addition, Alex has agreed to obtain financial accounts from the football club. Forum Meetings will be held on the 3rd Thursday of each month, the next being 21/09/06. JP wishes to stand down now with likely replacement BW, or alternatively on a rota basis. – ONGOING.

3. Annual Membership renewals (£5) required ; members to be advised – ONGOING.

4. RRISS Board Roles & Responsibilites have been allocated with only the “Raith Rovers Watchdog” currently vacant. AR has updated the website where names have been added. For the record herewith list :-

    AR: Chair, TP: Vice Chair & Community Group, JP: Secretary, TC: Membership Secretary, NL: Minutes Secretary, BW: Ambassador, Vacant: RRFC Watchdog.

It was since agreed that the RRFC Watchdog position should be a collective responsibility for the Trust Board and noted as such – COMPLETED.

Trust Board
With the end of our financial year occurring in June, it is hoped that the next AGM will be back on track and be held sometime towards the end of the year.

1. Rock the Rovers – sponsorship for a band in the event due Sun 27/08/06 was agreed. Band confirmed as “The Shore” – COMPLETED.

2. Players sponsorship renewal – Agreed to sponsor Kevin Fotheringham. JM to handle – ONGOING.

3. Trackside Trust advertising board renewal agreed. JP to handle – ONGOING.

4. Community Group reported on a couple of initiatives following two meetings, namely Health (GH) and Raith TV in conjunction with the local Adam Smith college (TP). Both ONGOING.

5. Raith Aid (Dream Team) fund raising for the football club scheduled Sunday 08/10/06 – ONGOING.

6. Frae Fife and Show Racism the Red Card – Football tournament venue to be secured. Closing date for football applications is 06/09/06. SRtRC is scheduled for the home game with Stirling on 22/10/06. The week of action begins on 17/10/06 (JP) – ONGOING.

7. RRISS website – GC & JP are working on ideas – blogs, graphics and Yahoo groups etc – ONGOING.

Date of next meeting
Monday 25 September 2006 – 19:30, Novar Bar (Lounge)

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