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Trust Board Meeting, 6th October 2020

Venue: Online

Present: Graeme Baxter (GB), Colin Flinn (CF), Steven Lawther (SL), James Proctor (JP), Alan Russell (AR)
Apologies: Graeme Condie (GC), Andy Simpson (AS) & Steve Wallace (SW)

Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of last meeting on 8 September 2020 – AGREED

Matters Arising


Club Update

Q&A – interesting session. A couple of Trust questions left unanswered but club agreed to give written answers.

Stadium – improvements and investment have continued although fan entry to games will be delayed due to Covid-19.


Treasurers Report

No update on current cash position.

Discussion on cash flow carried over tp next meeting.

Loan Notes – Letter drafted – send to initial group of Loan Note Holders who are members then follow up with address checking for others.

Trust Accounts – need to be signed off ready for AGM

AGM to be organised for November online with possibility of invited guest for a Q&A.


Note: In December 2013 the Trust Board agreed to maintain a balance of £10,000.

Membership Update

No change in membership during the month.

CF requires bank access

Agreed to wait for return of fan to the stadium to do a membership drive.


Communication Update

Consider sending out a monthly email to members.



No events planned until Covid-19 regulations are substantially amended.


No meeting to report.


£250 for two artworks/murals in South Stand – agreed to go ahead.

Discussion of whether to look at using one of the larger bays for Trust given social distancing and Roary Club use.



It was agreed that the Trust would continue to fund the Roary Club awards for season 2020/21.

There was a discussion about the impact of COVID-19 and what would happen if this season wasn’t completed. This issue to be raised with the club and through Supporters Direct Scotland.

Date of next meeting

Propose 3rd or 4th November 2020 – Online