Trust Board Meeting, 29th October 2007Print This Post

Venue: Novar Bar, Kirkcaldy
Present: Alan Russell (AR), Graeme Condie (GC), James Proctor (JP), John Mainland and Tam Cunningham (TC)
Apologies: Blair White (BW), George Howie (GW) and Tom Philips (TP)

Chairman welcomed everyone and opened the meeting.

Minutes of previous meeting and the AGM
Were agreed as a true a record of the Trust Board Meeting of 24 September 2007 and a true a record of the AGM of 4 October 2007.

Treasurers Report
GC reported that the Trust received donations of £500 in the mail and £120 at the AGM.
GC produced an up-to-date financial statement at September 2007. The bank balance includes £6000 from the Coalfield Regneration Trust grant which is due to be paid out in respect of the twilight league. Action Point: JP to contact the Twilight Football League to check on progress – the Trust have a responsibility to ensure that the grant funds it applied for are being put to effective use.

Membership Update
JP reported there were two fans joined the Trust this month. Totals now stand at 422 adults, 49 juniors and 3 corporate members. Renewal forms and an AGM update will be sent out to members shortly. Action Point: BW to meet with JP for the handover of the business.

Matters Arising
Jim McMillan Club and the Fans forum: AR reported that it is still not clear whether the McMillan Club are part of the Raith Forum or not. Action Point: AR to write to Graeme Mitchell to clarify this.

Pay Pal Account – Ongoing, GC to set up a Paypal account and this will create an additional way for fans to contribute towards the Fans £30K target. Proving to be difficult as donations account already been used in paypal. Action Point: GC to contact previous treasurer to check how accounts were set up.

Public Liability Insurance – AR investigated the policies and reported while they were favourable they were expensive. Being low priority at this time this will be investigated some time in the future – discharged.

Maintenance Group – BW to develop a proposal for the South Stand concourse – ongoing.

Trust Board
With no nominations received and with board members low at present we discussed the current position. Constitution requirements recommend the board members ideally should be between 8 & 12. JP recommended that at the next AGM we put forward that the board members should be between 5 & 12, this was agreed. Other options – we have the opportunity to co-opt members onto the board and AR reminded everyone on the position we have vacant at present (communications post).
Two motions will be presented at the next AGM: to request an Independent Examination of the Trust accounts instead of an audit, and to change the constitution clause regarding the number of board members.

Preparation for the Trust Members Evening
The board discussed the previous members meetings that were held, the venues, our dismay at some of the attendance levels, or whether they were held before or after a match. etc. We agreed that the QPR Trust method of selecting a topic per month for discussion could be a way to improve communication and debate amongst the members. It was decided to select a topic and also ask the fans for contributions and future topics via the Trust Website. Instead of an evening event where a number of separate issues are discussed, we will arrange a series of events to take one issue at a time.

Request from the RRFC Board
Player Loan Deal – request from the club to assist in financing a possible future player loan deal. To be financed by the Raith Forum with each group making a contribution – this was discussed and agreed. Action Point: AR to inform the Fans Group and the club.

AR reported the Arabs Trust was looking for a returning officer for their AGM on 22.11.2007. GC was interested and will contact the group.

JM suggested to increase the donations the Trust receive from the affinity partners on the website, the clubs team sheet tear-off strip be changed over the Christmas period to highlight the Trusts affinity contacts. Action Point: JM to advise BW of this decision, so that the tear-off slip can be changed prior to the next home match. JP reported that John Drysdale contacted him to similarly link the clubs website into the Trusts affinity contacts.

GC suggested the Trust produces a Newsletter to improve communication between the fans and the board, including news and views etc. This was discussed and agreed. Action Point: TC to send the board members a copy of his Reserve Newsletter, and coordinate the production of a short newsletter to be issued to members with the membership renewal pack.

GC received tickets to sell for Fifes Finest Race Night for 09.11.2007.

With no other business to attend to, the meeting closed at 21:05.

Date of next meeting
The next meeting is provisionally scheduled for Monday, 26 November 2007. The meeting will be held in the Novar Bar, Kirkcaldy unless otherwise advised.


  • Did you manage to sell any tickets for the race night this friday, and have you all got yours! buffet is booked, prizes collected, races sold, so gearing up for a great night!

  • conz says:

    Sold 2 confirmed and waiting to hear back from 3 others. Not a great turn out from us but I’m personally looking forward to it. Hope the buffet is early, I might need it. Let me know if you need any of the other tickets back before Friday.

  • that’s good conz, thanks! just keeping plugging away at people 😉 they can also buy tickets on the night
    look forward to seeing you there

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