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Present: James Proctor, Mike Melville, Blair White, Garry Fyffe, George Howie, Neil Langtree, Tom Phillips and Eddie Doig (RRFCSC)
Apologies: None

Previous minutes

Meeting agreed they were a true record and ran through the action points (which are covered in the following paragraphs).

Venue for Steering Group meetings

TP gave details of two possibilities:

  • YMCA – could have use of free until constituted
  • Betty Nicol’s backroom – bag of coal required

Agreed to hold next meeting in Betty Nicol’s. TP to arrange.

Membership update

BW and GF reported that:

  • 69 people had been provided with “membership” numbers. A few of them have still to contribute as they haven’t sent in their SO forms. [Afternote – this is something we need to decide on, ie will it be only people who have contributed who will be sent details of the constitution and be permitted to vote on it?]
  • 5 people have paid amounts to cover an annual fee
  • 19 standing orders are flowing into account and number is increasing

Small donations still accepted until properly constituted

Active membership drive when properly constituted

Slight hiccup with PO box, but should be available soon

Members’ skills database to be developed – action: BW & GF

No issue with Willie Gray becoming member Position of Honorary President to be considered after the Trust is constituted Gordon Brown to be possibly contacted informally – action: TP

Need to ensure that the info/member processing is smooth on matchdays – problem of rush at pre-KO. Need bodies at pasting table to help with info and processing. Action: all [Afternote: we now have an adequate amount of info material to hand out – minutes and background note]

Account stands at £2,184

Website / Fantalk

MM reported that was registered as the domain name and could soon go live. He will seek some additional advice from a couple of people who have offered to help. Action: MM

Likely content to have FAQs, photo of cheque presentation, minutes.

MM refining design. Felt that discussion board not needed at present.

Only have link from official site, but steering group can continue with individual postings on official site to stimulate interest.

Email address will be

Marketing the Trust

Shaun Dennis sponsored – photo opportunity at next home game – Eddie Doig will liaise.

MM reported that the press release had been picked up by the Courier, FFP and the Sun. Important to have something ready to go to press after the next open meeting, when we’re properly constituted.

ED invited the Trust to speak to the next Supporters’ Club meeting on the 9th April. Action: JP & BW

Opportunity for more publicity with any appointment of Honorary President.

Constitution update

Sub-group had been through the model rules and had “Roverised” any areas which needed changing – also had established four objectives which they felt incorporated the various themes and suggestions which had been prevalent since the Trust was first mooted.

A discussion ensued on two points:

  • Agreement that the “community” aspect was a combination of geography and commitment. ie, the Raith fan in San Diego was as much part of the community as the fan in Pratt Street.
  • Support to football in the Kirkcaldy area. Agreed that this was a logical wider aim, and that it wouldn’t be seen as a barrier to future members who live outside the Kirkcaldy area.

The meeting agreed the following four objectives:

  • To provide a democratic forum for Raith Rovers Independent Supporters Trust Limited members and the wider community to share and exchange their aspirations for Raith Rovers Football Club.
  • To represent the interests of Raith Rovers Independent Supporters Trust Limited members, and the wider community, in the affairs of Raith Rovers Football Club and to engage in constructive dialogue with the representatives and staff of Raith Rovers Football Club.
  • To support the continuing development of, and widen interest and involvement in, football in the Kirkcaldy area regardless of sex, age, ability or ethnic origin of those involved.
  • To work to ensure a positive public portrayal of football in general, Raith Rovers Football Club, supporters of the Club and the wider community served by Raith Rovers Football Club.

The meeting then ran through the Model Rules with discussion on the following paragraphs:

  • Para 4. MM thought it strange that there was nothing definite about employing people. Meeting thought that it would be an appointed Executive Board which would employ people. There was also a catch-all “Do anything else to achieve its objects” (Para 4i).
  • Para 31b. From a practical point of view, the registered office would be in Kirkcaldy.
  • Para 34. Query over use of email to notify members. Convenient for Trust, but is it acceptable? Query with lawyers. Action: TP
  • Para 47. BW queried the simple majority required for resolutions do to with significant sums of cash. Meeting was happy with this.
  • Para 53. Constitution of the Society Board. Meeting content with figures which had been inserted.
  • Para 54. Meeting thought this could be removed.
  • Para 60. Query over whether a Director of Raith Rovers Football Club could be a member of the Society Board. Meeting was content should the situation arise.

Several other related issues were discussed:

  • Charitable status – It was felt it would be difficult to achieve. Portsmouth or Plymouth had achieved it, but the Trust had a very specific aim: to run its youth scheme. Meeting felt that attempting to establish charitable status would considerably delay the formal establishment of the trust.
  • Cost – The Co-operative society would be registering the model rules at a cost of £900 (to them). Paul & Williamson indicated they would do the work for £650 + VAT. They also recognised that they would have difficulty in stopping anyone taking the model rules to another solicitor.

GH had contacted two Edinburgh firms:

  • Semple & Stewart – £200, but didn’t sound wildly enthusiastic
  • Anderson Strathearn – £400-500, GH was aware they’d worked well on another project

TP had contacted another firm and they were interested.

Way ahead – the meeting felt the following steps could be identified:

  • Establish if Coop has registered model rules – Action: constitution sub-group
  • Approach preferred solicitors to draw up constitution for RRIST – Action: constitution sub-group
  • Write to all “members” with a two-page summary of constitution, but offering full copy if they are interested

Aim to have another open meeting in last week in April to have constitution formally adopted. It would be advantageous to have it properly constituted before the end of the season.

[Afternote: this timetable could be quite challenging – for example:

  • Thursday 26th – open meeting
  • Thursday 19th – people provided with full copies of model rules if required
  • Thursday 12th – people sent 2 page summary]

Any other business

JP said he had not yet received the share certificate for 2,500 shares. He would continually press the club. GF noted that the cheque had been cashed. GH said that the contribution had been noted and the Trust thanked at the commercial meeting.

Date of next meeting

Monday 2nd April 2001, 1930hrs at Betty Nicol’s

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