Steering Group, 2nd April 2001Print This Post

Present: James Proctor, Blair White, Garry Fyfe, George Howie, Tom Phillips and Eddie Doig (RRFCSC)
Apologies: Mike Melville, Neil Langtree (attended later)

Previous minutes

Meeting agreed they were a true record and ran through the action points (which are covered in the following paragraphs).

Venue for SG meetings

YMCA – could have use of free until constituted
Betty Nicol’s backroom – Mondays might clash, Wednesdays should be OK


The meeting ran through the final paragraphs and was content. It was agreed that the constitution would be taken to the general meeting to get agreement in principle, then would go to the lawyer for ratification. Prior to the meeting, 8 or 9 minor points would need to be clarified with a lawyer.

TP stated that his lawyer contact would be interested but as the work was new to him there might be delays – the contact had offered to ask around.

TP said he had spoken to Charlie Cant about the Trust and the constitution. CC had indicated that he would be prepared to take an initial look at the draft. The meeting agreed that this would be a useful starting point, in that we might get an early indication if there were major problems with it. TP said he would attempt to get the draft to CC prior to the w/e and then have a word with him in w/c 9 April. Action: TP

Needed to establish if the Co-op had registered the model rules. Action: JP

JP stated that SISCo was meeting on Sunday 8th in Glasgow. JP to attend – will be useful to establish what progress other clubs are making. Action:JP

Next steps

It was agreed that a general meeting should be called for Thursday 3 May with the main objective being to agree the constitution.

Attempted timetable:

19 April: two-page extract of constitution plus covering letter to be posted to all “members”. Letter will invite people to apply for copy of full constitution if they wish. Feeling was that few people would take up the offer. Also agreed that a “return slip” should be sent with letter/extract so that people who could not attend meeting could at least supply a written comment as to whether they were content with the direction the Trust was going.

All comments on the two-page extract to TP. Action: all

BW and JP to compose covering letter. Action: BW&JP

3 May: general meeting in the Raith Suite at 7.30. [Afternote: GH has confirmed that the RS is available]. It was agreed that an independent chairman would be preferable – at least for the election of the office bearers. [Afternote: GF had spoken with John Urquhart who had indicated a willingness to act as chairman].

Steering group agreed that the general meeting would only be open to people who had contributed either by one-off payment or by standing order. GF and BW noted that there might need to be an element of flexibility in this, eg person might have set up SO in April but the money may not be coming out of his/her account until after the meeting. [Afternote: we may need to promote the meeting in advance of the letter going out on the 19th. Two reasons: to enable people to get the date in their diaries, and also to encourage people to get their SOs sorted out.]

Membership update / issues

GF reported that 76 people had contributed or had taken SO forms.

JP requested that a system be defined for dealing with overseas enquiries. [Afternote: BW has had several email discussions with Dan Pearson from Connecticut. Agreed that DP will send International Money Order in £ sterling. This could become the ideal model – if it works, then method could be posted on the website].

GF and BW stated that once the Trust was constituted then a more positive membership drive would take place. In addition, the FotR scheme would end in June. BW and GF to supply letter and form to club to send to FotR members.

Website / Marketing / Communication

MM had done a power of work on the website and there was a hope that it would go live in the next few weeks. Meeting agreed that there needed to be a press release ready to go immediately after the next general meeting. MM to co-ordinate. Action: MM

Needed a logo – for the website, stationery, promotional material. TP, GH and NL would approach their graphic artist contacts. Action: TP&GH&NL

TP stated that the PO Box Number would be confirmed soon. Ideal to have this ready for the 19th April.

Any other business

There was no significant AOB

Date of next meeting

Wednesday 25 April 2001, 1930hrs, at Betty Nicol’s

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