Trust Board Meeting, 25th February 2008Print This Post

Venue: Novar Bar, Kirkcaldy

Present: Alan Russell (AR), Blair White (BW), Graeme Condie (GC), John Mainland (JM), James Proctor (JP), Tam Cunningham (TC) and Tom Philips (TP)

Apologies: None received

The Chairman welcomed everyone and opened the meeting.

Minutes of previous meeting

Were agreed as a true a record of the Trust Board Meeting of 28 January 2008.

Treasurers Report

GC provided a concise financial report and stated the finances were healthy.

Membership Update

JP reported one more renewal had been received however the latest correspondence had not been received at this time. Membership currently stood at 198, being 151 Adult and 47 Junior. Clearly a second renewal letter is required in order to retain as many members as possible with a letter of thanks sent to those members who had renewed. However, there was a shortage of Trust letter headed paper. The second edition of the Newsletter will be produced by the board in the next week or so and this will be posted out at the same time. There will be a final handover of the database and membership secretary role prior to the next board meeting.

Action Point: JP to speak to GC regarding purchase of Trust letter headed paper. This will be organised along with a second newsletter over the next fortnight. There will be a final handover of the database and membership secretary role to BW prior to the next board meeting.

Action Point: JP to arrange a second renewal letter.

Matters Arising

BW report on South Stand discussions with Phil Nicholson: BW spoke with PN who was not in favour of painting the area, this was then discussed and may be taken on by the board members. To be continued.

Members Session Report – Ownership: Reasonable idea which has lead to writing a full report for the website and next newsletter – Discharged.

Trust Vacancy – Communications – use database contacts to find someone – Ongoing.

Website – New Topic – Pricing – Use Survey, Get Club Info before committing ourselves – Ongoing.

Newsletter – Ownership report, Affinity success/thanks, Renewals, AGM, and Comms Vacancy – to be produced ASAP – AR to compile first draft.

Team sheet – Change of message – JM completed & discharged.

SD Membership – Ongoing

Correspondence Received

Only membership renewals had been received ready for processing, which was good news.


This was discussed and the date was provisionally set for Thursday, 8 May 2008. GC to complete the accounts and once updated they will be handed over to Alan Speed our accountant. Other points discussed included: rewording the Trust constitution and the number of board members required is to be reduced.

Action Point: JP To draft a resolution to allow the independent examination of the Trusts work.

RRFC 125th Anniversary Celebrations

The next meeting is Thursday 28 February and AR is to attend. Alex Condie (AC) was disappointed at the turn out at the first meeting, although those attending had done some excellent ground work. Events planned so far were not to start until the summer of 2008 and AR will continue to be involved.


JP remarked that the fans representative was on a two year cycle and AC would be coming to the end of his term. Action Point: AR to discuss the situation with AC and with the other Fans Forum group members.

TP was asked by Rovers manager John McGlynn about the possibility of funding the purchase of Elite Sports Analysis hardware. This was a vital piece of tech kit used by several clubs that enables coaching staff to analyse games and players. The cost is £1.2K. If the kit was purchased Kenny More who devised the above would supply the software free of charge. Action Point: AR to approach the other supporters groups and discuss the purchase and request contributions.

JP said that the Trust had been a great success in such a relatively short time since its start and now was the time to develop new aims and objectives. This was discussed at length and all agreed that this had to be done and discussed further at an all day board members meeting possibly in June to develop the new organisations plans. – Ongoing, to be discussed at the next board meeting.

Also discussed the possibility of holding an informal members meeting before the Queens Park home game on 28 March, with a topic “What do you want the Trust to spend your money on?” – Ongoing, to be discussed at the next board meeting.

With no other business to attend to, the meeting closed at 21:20.

Date of next meeting

The next meeting is provisionally scheduled for Monday, 31 March 2008.

The meeting will be held in the Novar Bar, Kirkcaldy unless otherwise advised.

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