Trust Board Meeting, 26th May 2008Print This Post

Venue: Novar Bar, Kirkcaldy

Present: Alan Russell (AR), Graham Condie (GC), James Proctor (JP), Tam Cunningham (TC), Tom Philips (TP) plus fan’s representative Alex Condie (AC)

Apologies: Blair White (BW), George Howie (GH), John Mainland (JM)

The Chairman welcomed everyone and opened the meeting.

Minutes of previous meeting

Were agreed as a true a record of the Trust Board Meeting of 31 March 2008. (28 April 2008 meeting was cancelled)

Treasurers Report

GC provided a report and was discussed and accepted, remains on file.  AC provided the Fans Group fund raising total, remains on file.

Membership Update

JP reported the membership data base was now up-to-date and membership figures will be provided for next months meeting.  The management work of the Membership Secretary was now ready to be handed over to Blair White.

Matters Arising

Action Point BW, report on South Stand painting project logistics – Ongoing.  AC provided an update on the stadium work and that of the maintenance group

Action Point AR, Trust Vacancy – Communications Officer – reported there were no members volunteering and would source a student for example to carry out the work  – Ongoing.

Action Point AR, Website – New Topic – Pricing, suggested the topic be launched at the forthcoming AGM and it will be an item on the Agenda – Ongoing.

Action Point AR, Newsletter has been drafted and is ready to go out – Completed.

Action Point TC, contacted the Fife Free Press sports reporter Matt Elder who is willing to do an article about the Trust.  AR provided information and suggested an article along the lines of Derby County’s Rams Trust report on club finances – Ongoing.

Action Point AR, John McGlynn’s request for the fans group to purchase camera equipment and software for the club – AR made contact with the other Fans groups once again and received no reply. This request was discussed and as the Trust would probably not receive shares for the donation this request was put to the vote and turned down – Completed.

Action Point JP, to draft a resolution to change the Trust constitution and the number of board members required is to be reduced – Completed.

Action Point JP, to draft a resolution to allow the independent examination of the Trusts work – Completed.

Correspondence Received

1. RRFC AGM on 11 June 2008, AR/GC to attend.

2. Supporters Direct magazines received.

3. A few membership renewals.


With no finalised accounts received back from the Trusts accountants due to workloads, the AGM date has been delayed until further notice.

Election of the fans representative on the RRFC board

AC confirmed that due to work demands he will be stepping down after his two years tenure is completed. The Trust board thanked him for his great work and his time devoted to the post on the board

AR contacted several reps of the other fans groups about progress on finding candidates but had received no responses – Ongoing.

Action Point AR to contact the Fans Groups reps to get the election process moving forward and to reinforce what the Fans Group aims and objectives are all about.

RRFC 125th Anniversary Celebrations

TC reported there was very good progress made on the Fans Hall of Fame website, further meetings were in the pipeline and work was ongoing collating info on players and articles about how fans became Rovers fans and their favourite Rovers moments.

TP & AR reported that fan David Potter had produced drafts on ten Rovers greats which he will gift to the Trust/Fans Group.

Action Point AR to investigate the process of publishing the book.

Away Day

This was discussed and the date was arranged for Saturday, 28 June 2008, 12 noon to 4pm, in the Boat House, Aberdour. AR to confirm arrangements.

With no other business to attend to, the meeting closed at 21:15.

Date of next meeting

The next meeting is provisionally scheduled for Monday, 30 June 2008. The meeting will be held in the Novar Bar, Kirkcaldy unless otherwise advised.
(Post-meeting note: the Away Day is confirmed and will replace the June board meeting)

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