Annual General Meeting, 29th June 2004Print This Post

Venue: Raith Suite, Starks Park, Kirkcaldy

Board Members Present: George Howie, James Proctor , Collas Pilmer, Chris McFarlane, John Mainland, Alan Russell
Apologies (Board Members): Eddie Doig, Neil Langtree, Tom Phillips

Members Present: 17


14 members sent proxies to the chair, 3 members gave proxies to other people who attended on their behalf and 2 members sent apologies.

Results of Election of Trust Board

Tom Phillips and Neil Langtree were unanimously re-elected to the Board.

Financial Results

Explained that the 9 month set of accounts presented were to bring us up to our year end of 31 December 2003.

Accounts were passed unanimously

Appointment of Auditors

McKenzie & Co had been willing to do the job for a smaller fee than previous auditors.

Proposal to retain McKenzie & Co passed unanimously

Review of the Season

Ground had been sold and club ownership had changed hands

Work on Sub committee was ongoing

Jim Macnamara had volunteered to act as a fans rep

A joint committee was working on issues for League Cup 10th anniversary celebrations

Meeting suspended to allow discussion with George Gemmill, Paquito and John Drysdale about the Youth Development plans

Membership fees of the Trust

Advised to give payment options and flexibility on any membership form

Proposal 1: Carried with 1 Against and 3 Abstentions

Proposal 2: Carried with 5 Against and 4 Abstentions

Proposal 3: Carried unanimously

Proposal 4: Carried with 11 Against and 1 Abstention

Work will begin immediately to carry out these proposals in time for the early part of the new season.

Trust’s share rights

Advised that any share purchase should result in the Youth Development “benefiting to the full amount”

Initial vote to buy shares carried unanimously

Straight vote was taken between Proposal 5 and Proposal 6.

Proposal 5: 5 votes

Proposal 6: Carried by majority

Meeting was advised by John Drysdale in his capacity as Community and Commercial Manager that accounts of the Youth Development scheme would be available for inspection by the Trust Board.

Altering Date of Year End

Proposal 7: Carried Unanimously

Future Plans

Business Plan for the club had been given an overhaul and there are now five year projections available with variance for expected, best & worst case scenarios.

A 5-a-side tournament was being planned around football’s Anti-Racism week in October.

Mike Melville indicated a willingness to get involved with organising a consultation event.

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