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Special General Meeting, 21st April 2005

Venue: Parkway Hotel, Kirkcaldy

Attendance: 35

Proxies: 28

Opening Remarks

In the absence of George Howie, John Mainland took the chair.

James Proctor ran through the events leading up to this meeting:

Dialogue with current and previous board members had been maintained.

Public profile was rising and important local contacts had been made.

Open Forum

Short term the trust should keep trying to work with Miller.

A long term strategy should be enacted to plan for any future ownership change.

Trust should continue to accumulate shares and consider proxy votes from others.

Actively promote the Loan Fund for the long term.

Actively promote Standing Orders as a simple way for everyone to help.

Set fundraising targets in terms of amounts and specific use of that money.

Meeting Closed at 2115 hrs