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Annual General Meeting, 27th April 2006

Venue: Raith Suite, Starks Park, Kirkcaldy

Board Members Present: George Howie, James Proctor , Tom Phillips, Collas Pilmer, Neil Langtree, John Mainland, Alan Russell

Apologies (Board Members): Chris McFarlane

Members Present: 13

Opening Remarks

George Howie (GH) introduced the top table and recapped the events of the past year:

The minutes of the previous AGM were agreed as a fair record of the meeting.

Auditor’s Report and Election

Accounts presented and passed unanimously. Appointment of auditors Mackenzie & Co for the next term was unanimously passed.

A vote of thanks was passed to Chris McFarlane and Collas Pilmer who have given sterling service to the Trust Board and who are now standing down but remaining as ordinary members.

A membership secretary and a webmaster for the online site is actively required.

No uptakes from the members present were taken and no nominations were received for appointment to the Trust Board.


Election of the Fan’s Representative to RRFC – it was proposed that:

Costs for such expected to be £600 (every 2 years).

RRFC Board member Ali More along with George Howie and James Proctor gave an informative Q&A session lasting about 45 minutes. The AGM closed at 21:30.

Date of next AGM : June/July 2006 – Actual date, time and venue to be confirmed depending on the availability of the 2005/06 accounts.