Trust Board Meeting, 29th May 2006Print This Post

Venue: Novar Bar, Kirkcaldy

Present: James Proctor (JP) Tom Phillips (TP) Neil Langtree (NL) Alan Russell (AR)
Apologies: John Mainland (JM), George Howie (GH)

Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes were agreed as a fair record of the previous meeting

Treasurer’s report

Update given on finances

Membership update

475 – 108 founders, 316 new adult, 51 junior

Matters arising

Community Group – David Somerville appointed to RRFC Board. Regular announcements should be forthcoming now – COMPLETED

Supporters Direct Conference – Sunday 28 May at Craiglockhart Campus of Napier University in Edinburgh – COMPLETED

Geordie Munrovers sponsorship – offer was made and now awaiting their confirmation of how much it will cost and what could be given in return – £300 sponsorship confirmed – COMPLETED

Updates received about various meetings, Raith Forum 23/04/06 along with 2 community group mtgs.

Informal discussion took place regarding bringing the numbers up and/or expanding the Trust Board members. AR will likely take the chair and on a temporary basis ensure the website is brought up to date. TP is likely to be the Vice Chair in the Chair’s absence. Member Tom Cunningham has indicated a willingness to become Membership Secretary. Graeme Condie might be approached to become Treasurer and there is a desire from the Board Members that Blair White and Mike Melville be involved therein, once again.

Trust Board

AGM – Date is Thursday 27 April 2006 within the Raith Suite at the cost of £20 which will be waived depending upon bar takings – COMPLETED

Trust accounts and election – Nominations will be taken prior to AGM, if no election required names will be announced at AGM. If election required the AGM will be used for questioning the candidates. Accounts ready – ACTION JP & CM – ONGOING – No nominations received – COMPLETED

AGM agenda will be prepared, containing Finances, Board Members, Audit and re-election of auditors – AGM Held – COMPLETED

CM & CP will be standing down as Board Members – COMPLETED


With the end of our financial year occurring in June, it is hoped that the next AGM will be back on track to be held sometime in September 2006.

Date of next meeting : Monday 26 June 2006 – 19:30, Novar Bar (Lounge)

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