Trust Board Meeting, 9th May 2005Print This Post

Venue: Novar Bar, Kirkcaldy

Present: James Proctor (JP), John Mainland (JM), George Howie (GH), Tom Phillips (TP), Collas Pilmer (CP), Neil Langtree (NL)
Apologies: Alan Russell (AR), Chris McFarlane (CM)

Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes were agreed as a fair record of the previous meeting

Treasurer’s report

Update on finances was given

Membership update

403 – 108 Founders, 247 New Adult, 3 Returning Adult, 45 Junior

As a point of interest the geographic spread of members is as follows: Kirkcaldy 43%, Rest of Fife 32%, Rest of Scotland 17%, England 6%, Outside UK 2%

Matters arising

Meeting with Miller – Still no response – GH to formally write to him (GH)

Loan Fund – Propose to write offering opt-out by end August at latest or when takeover is complete (JP)

Loan Fund – Propose to use as a share buying or buyout fund

General meeting report

Attendance was a reality check on effectiveness of meetings

General feeling that club may well be in trouble again in the future

Trust Board

Need to either reduce ambitions or to bring more people on board

Trust Organisation Chart proposed to make board of 12 with each person having specific responsibilities

Propose to bring names of candidates to next board meeting (ALL)

Meeting with Gordon Dalziel

GH to contact John Drysdale and arrange date (GH)


Phone Co-op – Agreed to sign up for Affinity deal (JP)

McCree’s Battalion Donation – Find out more about costs – consider donation at next board meeting (JP)

SD Membership – JP to send copy of accounts (JP)

Scot Exec – JP to circulate brief on report into “Football’s Future” (JP)

5’s Tournament – Planning to start and date set (JP)

Date of Next Meeting: Monday 13 June 2005 – 7.30pm, Novar Bar

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