Trust Board Meeting, 1st November 2005Print This Post

Venue: Tom Phillips’ house, Kirkcaldy

Present: James Proctor (JP) John Mainland (JM) George Howie (GH) Tom Phillips (TP) Neil Langtree (NL) Collas Pilmer (CP) Alan Russell (AR)
Apologies: Chis McFarlane (CM)

Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes were agreed as a fair record of the previous meeting

Treasurers report

Update of finances was given

Membership update

469 – 108 founders, 312 new adult, 49 junior

Membership renewal notices to be sent out in Jan 06 ACTION – (JP)

Matters arising

Loan Fund – Letter to be issued advising latest position. Consideration to be given to FAQ/Q&A face to face meeting. Letter issued ACTION (JP) – ONGOING

RtR agreed to use the Trust as a legal vehicle. The Trust Board unanimously agreed to engage WJM as agents after proposed (JP) and seconded (TP) – ACTION (JP) – COMPLETED

Best Policy Practice – examples required eg. Community sub-group – ACTION (JP) – COMPLETED

Due Dilligece – Carters raised 4 specific issues about RRFC causing concern, including VAT, creditors and deficit – COMPLETED

Trust member Ali More was nominated by RtR to represent the Fan’s groups in the new Raith Rovers set up should it proceed – COMPLETED

Trust Board

Need to either reduce ambitions or bring more people on board – COMPLETED

Bring new names forward at next Board Meeting – DISMISSED

AGM – Nominations for Board Membership desired; proposed date is early/middle December probably at the Parkway Hotel; Collas Pilmer (CP) announced his decision to stand down at the AGM though he will remain an active Trust Member. Alan Russell retires in rotation but is prepared to stand again – ONGOING

Trust accounts, AGM and election – contact to be made with Auditor re. provision of report. Draft issued by Auditor. Estimated costs £940 + VAT – ACTION (JP) – ONGOING

Re-election of Board Members – constitution procedures to be followed – ACTION (JP)

AGM proposal – allow other groups to be co-opted onto Trust Board – ACTION (ALL)


Proposed Board Members’ evening out (at own cost) during December – Action (NL/CP)

Trust tasks – job descriptions to be facilitated, designed to interest other members in joining/co-opting membership to the Board, or simply performing tasks at the Board’s behest; provisional date Wed 14/12/05 – ACTION (AR)

Date of next meeting – Tuesday 15 November 2005 – 19:30 venue Tom Phillips’ house, Kirkcaldy

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