Trust Board Meeting, 19th October 2005Print This Post

Venue: Tom Phillips’ house, Kirkcaldy

Present: James Proctor (JP) John Mainland (JM) George Howie (GH) Tom Phillips (TP) Neil Langtree (NL) Collas Pilmer (CP)
Apologies: Chis McFarlane (CM) Alan Russell (AR)

Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes were agreed as a fair record of the previous meeting

Treasurers report

Update of finances was given

Membership update

462 – 108 founders, 305 new adult, 49 junior

Matters arising

Loan Fund – Letter to be issued advising latest position. Consideration to be given to FAQ/Q&A face to face meeting. Letter to be issued within 7-10 days – ACTION (JP) – ONGOING

McCrees Battalion Donation – Find out more about costs – consider donation – DISMISSED (ALL)

SD Membership – Copy of Accounts to be sent – ACTION (JP) – COMPLETED

Scot Exec – Brief report to be circulated on “Football’s Future” ACTION (JP) – COMPLETED

5’s tournament- Planning to start and date set – Oct, FRAE FIFE to lead. Difficulty in contacting them by phone – Anyhow now COMPLETED

Show Racism the Red Card due in October – COMPLETED on Sat 22 October 2005 (Morton game)

RtR agreed to use the Trust as a legal vehicle. The Trust Board unanimously agreed to engage WJM as agents after proposed (JP) and seconded (TP) – ACTION (JP) – ONGOING

Best Policy Practice – examples required – ACTION (JP)

Due Diligence – Carters raised 4 specific issues about RRFC causing concern, including VAT, creditors and deficit

Trust Board

Need to either reduce ambitions or bring more people on board – PARKED

Bring new names forward at next Board Meeting – PARKED

AGM – Nominations for Board Membership desired; proposed date is last Thursday in November – ONGOING

Trust accounts, AGM and election – contact to be made with Auditor re. provision of report. Draft issued by Auditor. Estimated costs £940 + VAT – ACTION (JP) – ONGOING

Re-election of Board Members – constitution procedures to be followed – ACTION (JP)

AGM proposal – allow other groups to be co-opted onto Trust Board – ACTION (ALL)


The Trust Board agreed unanimously to free Junior membership for another year after proposed (JP) and seconded (NL) – COMPLETED

Date of next meeting – Tuesday 01 November 2005 – 19:30, at Tom Phillips’ house, Kirkcaldy

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