Trust Board Meeting, 29th November 2004Print This Post

Venue: Novar Bar, Kirkcaldy

Present: Collas Pilmer, Neil Langtree, Chris McFarlane, Alan Russell, George Howie, John Mainland
Apologies: James Proctor and Tom Phillips

Minutes of meeting held 15 November 2004


Membership Update

At least 2 new adult members had joined within the previous days. The total figure was not available.

Treasurer’s Update

Balance = £11,565.35. Sums due = £423. Remainder = £11,142.35.

Matter Arising

Communications Committee:

  • Mike Melville had been approached and had agreed to work with the media.
  • JM will concentrate on internal communications. GH would be the main spokesperson.
  • Meeting with Turnbull Hutton GH had contacted him. Date to be confirmed.
  • Meeting with Jimmy Miller JP had not been able to set up a meeting as yet.


  • Details of the resolutions passed are already on the web.

Community Ownership Loan Fund:

  • AR reported the group had met and the details from Cobbets had been assessed – the view was they were fine though some points required clarification. All should be sorted out in time to launch around the 8th/15th January, (hopefully at a home Cup tie). Details would be trailed in the FFP.
  • Communications Committee would come up with an A5 leaflet about it.

Business Plan:

  • CP reports details have been passed to David Wann and he awaits his comments.


27/11 Quiz – The team of NL, TC & JM did well at a good event. NL reported it raised around £800.

Club Shop – AR pointed out that the Credit Card link in the club shop is via Xara. Clearly RRFC can not get a merchants account.

Trusts Communications Event – JM reported briefly on the useful event.

Date of Next Meeting

Monday 20th December – flexible depending on events.

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