Trust Board Meeting, 26th July 2004Print This Post

Present: James Proctor , Collas Pilmer, George Howie, Neil Langtree, John Mainland, Alan Russell, Chris McFarlane
Apologies: Tom Phillips

Minutes of previous meeting

Previous minutes were amended and agreed as a fair record of the previous meeting.

Treasurer’s report

£9620 after payments for shares and auditor.

Membership update

Currently at 106 – moratorium on memberships until new procedure is in place.

Matters Arising

Jim Macnamara had been invited to the AGM but no response had been forthcoming

SFA Youth Issues – Now that some basic info is understood this issue is now closed. As Trust money has gone into Youth Development we can ask the club for any future info should we require it.

Working Groups:

  • Consultation – GH had met with Mike Melville to take this forward
  • Shares – Proposed that one last meeting would be convened to tie this up for now. A short report would be issued in the Autumn.
  • Land Petition – Check with Mike Melville in regards to timing. After recent moves at the club this idea now seems more reasonable.
  • Stadium – Tied up with the land petition strategy
  • Business Plan – Improved spreadsheet now in place giving forecasts and best/worst case scenario. Reviewed/updated every six months.

Trust AGM:

  • 6,012 £1 shares in RRFC (Holdings) Ltd had been purchased and a share certificate for these plus the outstanding balance of previously purchased shares had been received. Total holding is now 21,000 which is 3% of the authorised share capital and about 3.7% of the currently issued share capital.
  • Press Release to publicise this “investment” and that it will help the Youth Development Initiative is essential.
  • Club to be contacted to ensure proper recognition of the assistance, which amounts to around 25% of the Youth Budget, is forthcoming.
  • All proposals had been passed and now the tricky work of converting the Trust needed to be completed. JP to guide the process.
  • Some correspondence received in regard to the AGM and an offer of 500 shares from one Trust member. This will be arranged with the club. A letter of thanks will be sent to the member.

Website / FanTalk:

  • Trust has been approached informally to ask about taking over the messageboard (FanTalk) from the club (some within the club want to close it down entirely)
  • Agreed to consider sponsorship rather than ownership. Kenny Scott to be sounded out about the practicalities.

Membership Drive:

  • Budget – A cash flow projection will be circulated in the next couple of weeks for information and approval.
  • Launch Date – September 4th ( Ross County ) will be the date for a big push on new member. Press & Publicity will happen in the lead up and leaflets/forms will be available on the day with the intention of signing up as many members as possible.
  • Badges (!) – Order 300 pin badges and give to all existing and new members
  • A Rovers fan has offered to print occasional posters for us that can be used in the noticeboard and around the Trust info point.

Anti-Racism Initiatives:

  • Week of Action involving the Rovers will take place in mid October ( Hamilton 23rd Oct is most likely home game).
  • Trust should consider doing something on the day to support the club’s work and highlight the issue.
  • 5-a-side Tournament – FRAE Fife (Fairness, Race Awareness and Equality) have agreed to work with the Trust to organise a 5’s tourny with an integrationist message/theme.


  • Agreed to relieve JP of the Secretaries duties as soon as practicable after the membership drive


Kirkcaldy Pageant – Decided not to get involved in the pageant this year but to ask Fife Council for timetable of local community events to allow better planning

General Press/Events – Intend to get media coverage over the next three months with Youth Development/Shares issue in August, Membership in September and Anti-Racism Initiatives in October.

Singing Fans – A request has been received from a London based art student who wants to film a supporter singing football chants in Stark’s. All enquiries to JP who has her address 😉

Date of Next Meeting: Monday 30th August – 7.30pm @ Novar Bar

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