Trust Board Meeting, 23rd June 2003Print This Post

Present: George Howie, Neil Langtree, Chris McFarlane, Collas Pilmer, Alan Russell

Apologies: James Proctor, Tom Phillips

Fans Survey

Discussion of draft summary report with a view to circulating findings ASAP – circulate to Keith Pitkin, Eric Drysdale, Mike Melville, Gordon Holmes, Courier, Kingdom FM. It would be best to communicate to all groups simultaneously (fans, RRFC, public via media).

3 months since survey, so we need to put a summary out soon – ideally to appear in the press before the pre-season friendlies. CP to revise summary document GH to circulate to above recipients with a covering letter – get this out by the end of the month for publication in FFP 10th July GH to contact FFP this week to advise that we’d like something published 10/7

Classic Strips

Still no detailed response from Tam Cunningham. Keep Supporters Club involved in distribution / logistics / admin. AR to call Tam to get info – GH to get his phone number, AR to contact Jim Foy re sizes / quantities

Membership Secretary

Blair White is no longer a member of the Board but is willing to continue in this role until a successor is found. Need to find a successor by the start of the season – NL is cautiously willing to perform role if no other volunteer comes forward. Publicise the vacancy to Trust members – stress that the post will involve approx 1 hour’s work per week, training will be provided, access to a PC is a must. GH to send a letter to our members inviting applications


Trust Website: Advertising through Trust website (e.g. TOFFS, Amazon) would generate income with every sale through our link – everyone in favour in principle as long as the advertisers are not “offensive”. Everyone is happy with the new Forum.

Promotion of Trust: Railway stand will not be open this season – look for alternative ways to publicise Trust through RRFC. Go ahead with player sponsorship when squad is bigger.

Kirkcaldy Pageant – too late to be involved this year. CP to obtain forward plan of events from Council

CM to discuss ball sponsorship for opening match of the season with Keith Pitkin

Youth football: Possible tie-ins between Kirkcaldy Colts and RRFC; possible approach to youth football could be developing a network of local youth teams. Trust could sponsor a tournament next year, and there is also the possibility of sponsoring a youth team in the Links – they will come back to us with details. NL/CP to form a sub-group to move this forward

Next Meeting Board Meeting: Tuesday 15th July, 7.30pm @ Betty Nicol’s

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