Trust Board Meeting, 27th January 2003Print This Post

Attendees: George Howie, James Proctor, Blair White, Neil Langtree, Collas Pilmer,

Apologies: Eddie Doig, Tom Phillips, Chris McFarlane, Alan Russell

Minutes of previous meeting

Meeting agreed they were a true record.

Treasurer’s report

£5,845 in the account with income of approximately £790 per month from standing orders.

Membership update

Membership at 107 – that is assuming all annual fees and standing orders have gone through.

Membership database

Membership secretary explained that the records were now on an Access database which provided flexibility in providing data. He agreed that a copy of the database should be emailed to Treasurer each month. This would provide a back-up.


There was some doubt as to whether a board had in fact been set up to oversee this. The trust had been invited but had heard nothing since.

IPS Registration

Chairman noted that Secretary had most of required information and asked any of those who had not responded to do so.

Post Launch Item

Chairman confirmed he had written letters of thanks to Scott Thomson and Scott Davie.

Fans Survey

Board felt that the survey as it stood was too long eg 5 questions about food and drink.

The key was to get a good response rate – had to be expected that fans would complete survey at halftime – therefore had to be maximum completion time of 10 minutes.

Do we need to supply pens?

Important that the survey was publicised – had to be marketed as Trust taking initiative and offering this unique opportunity to fans.

Questionnaires would be handed out at Cowdenbeath home game on 8th March.

It was hoped that some 400 responses would be achieved.

Chairman confirmed that Ken Foster would be seeking alternative sources of funding to raise his fee to £1500. Trust had already handed over a “retainer” of £500. (This fee is considerably less than would have been the norm in the open market.)

Raith Trust AGM

Agreed that Thursday 8 May would be suitable.

Auditors would need to be appointed

All material to be posted by 7/8 April – this would ensure a full four weeks notice for members

Raith Rovers FC AGM

No date yet

Thought that it would be useful for Trust Board to attend and ask some questions re the accounts/debts. Several members of the Trust Board had shares and could attend in their own right. Also someone could attend to represent the Trust.

Supporters Direct Conference

Those that had attended felt it had been an excellent, well-organised event and that they had picked up useful information from the various sessions and workshops.

Issues raised with RRFC Board

Chairman gave a brief update on the questions which the Trust had sent to the Board

Eric Drysdale (ED) had contacted chairman and informed him that the relevant board meeting had lasted 3½ hours and the Trust topics had not been discussed.

Date of next meeting : Wednesday 26 February 2003, Betty Nicols

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