Trust Board Meeting, 29th October 2002Print This Post

Attendees: Eddie Doig, George Howie, Neil Langtree, Chris MacFarlane, Collas Pilmer, James Proctor, Alan Russell

Apologies: Tom Phillips, Blair White


96 members, with a few more in the pipeline and a few annual memberships due for renewal. Membership database can be improved using Filemaker Pro. ACTION: ED to set up a draft database.

General Matters

Two conversations with RRFC re link to RRISS website – no progress yet.

Notice board now in place.

Lottery – there is nothing in the constitution of great concern, and the response from Ken Foster satisfied most of our other concerns. It has been set up as an independent company, with Eric Drysdale legally registered as the promoter. There have been some teething problems. ACTION: GH to discuss issues with Keith Pitkin.

27/11 Event

Parkway Hotel booked, £100 to be paid on the night.

Scott Davie will chair the event, two from Trust to speak, together with one from Supporters Direct and Cup Final players. ACTION: JP to contact Jimmy Nicholl, Gordon Dalziel, Scott Thomson, Ally Graham.

Stirling Albion Trust event signed up new members on a temporary basis for £1, we will do the same. Free raffle to be held. ACTION: ED to ask club for Nacho’s shirt, Trust tracksuit ,etc.

Trust representative required to speak for 5 mins (no volunteers from those present). ACTION: JP to ask Tom Phillips / Blair White if they would be willing to speak.

Share certificates will be distributed on the night. ACTION: JP to design and produce.

Pictures of ex-players etc will be taken for future publicity, notice board, etc. Also pictures of members with ex-players which can be collected at the info stand. ACTION: ED to bring camera and take photos.

Some publicity (leaflet & announcement) at Cowdenbeath game, full publicity (FFP, leaflet, announcement, notice board, letter / e-mail) at Hamilton game. ACTION: JP to arrange FFP coverage.

Quote of £310 for 40 “Unbelievable” T-shirts from Image Scotland, general agreement to go ahead after comparison quote. ACTION: JP to contact company in Cowdenbeath for quote.

Discusssion re inviting Antonio Calderon – re-assess after responses from Jimmy Nicholl etc. We should only invite the current management / squad if 1994 representatives cannot make it.

Business Plan Sub-Committee

Scottish Enterprise Small Business Gateway available to assist with developing business plan free of charge. Key point of last meeting was to develop a business plan for the Trust itself, not just for the club.

RRFC business plan is almost in a state where it can be parked for a few months. Limitation on RRFC business plan is access to detailed info on the club’s current finances – we need to take up the long-term offer from the club to inspect the books. Need to try to put the finishing touches to the club’s business plan, then park it to be picked up again in the future. If no access to the club’s books, park sooner and focus on Trust business plan. ACTION: Park at end of November, and set a review date in Q1 2003. Eric Drysdale contacted GH recently to ask Trust reps to meet Danny Smith at 1pm on November 9th. CM, GH and CP to attend.

Supporters’ Direct Workshop

17th November, 2pm – 5pm at the Golden Lion Hotel, Stirling. 3 places for RRISS (attendees to be confirmed – GH, AR, CP, NL interested).

Supporters Trusts

Clydebank currently getting ready, looking into getting back into senior football with a Trust structure.

SFL reacted badly to the “State of the Game” report


Auditor to be appointed, Jon Drysdale has contacts.

ACTION: NL to speak to John Drysdale.

Next Meeting Board Meeting: Monday 9th December, 7.30pm @ Betty Nicol’s

Final preparation for 27/11: Saturday 23rd November, 5.30pm @ Novar Lounge

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