Trust Board Meeting, 9th April 2002Print This Post

Present – James Proctor, Blair White, George Howie, Tom Phillips, Neil Langtree, Chris McFarlane, Collas Pilmer

Apologies – Eddie Doig

Opening remarks

Chairman welcomed Collas Pilmer to the Board and gave a brief rundown on background to Trust.

Minutes of previous meeting (5 Feb 2002)

Meeting agreed they were a true record.

Treasurer’s report

Reported £5890.27 in the account with income of approximately £625 per month from standing orders.

Membership update

Membership now stood at 84

Review of General meeting (14 March 2002)

Felt it had gone quite well
Possible to find another venue for next general meeting?
Disappointment that Jim Whyte had not turned up
The Board noted the discussion on the Youth Development investment. This would be a prime topic for the next General Meeting (June 2002?)

Paper received regarding the future of the club

Board noted its content and felt that apart from some differences on implementation, there was nothing new in terms of the direction which the Trust members had already discussed (Youth Development, Marketing)

Agreed to invite author to next Board meeting (21st May) to discuss his points.

Any other business

Sponsorship Board agreed that sponsoring a youth league in Fife would be an excellent way of promoting its aims and marketing the Trust and club. NL agreed to approach the local development officer regarding the basic requirements

Notice Board – Agreed that this was a good idea. Area needed to be measured to establish suitable size. Secretary would write to club with requirements.

Trackside board – Agreed that it should be re-designed.

Donation to Jim Baxter Memorial Fund – Noted that this had not been raised at the General Meeting – needed to be brought up at the next general meeting.

Dates of next meetings

Board meeting (Tue 21st May). Tom to confirm Betty Nichols.
General meeting: late June/early July (TBC)

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