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Rovers’ fans have taken a massive step forward in their campaign to secure the future of their club. We have hit our initial fundraising target of £100,000 this week after a successful collection was held at the Morton game on Saturday. The “Take Note” appeal raised £4,169 with away fans contributing almost £400 to that total.

Fundraising leader Tom Phillips said:

“It has been a magnificent achievement to reach a challenging target so quickly. We’ve done it thanks to an enormous effort by supporters from every part of the Rovers’ community. Fans at different levels have contributed as much as they can afford to show that they care passionately about the future of their club.

“It was a humbling experience to be sitting in front of a large pile of money when we were counting the takings from “Take Note” at the weekend. But it was just another indication of how well the campaign has gone.

“The Loan Notes Fund has been a phenomenal success allowing people to contribute £250 or more and has raised a total of more than £55,000.

“The fundraising events may have contributed a smaller proportion of the total but they have been hugely significant, not just in raising funds, but critically in promoting the campaign and giving it a profile in the local community.

“The group has been dependent on the contributions of individuals from all supporters’ organisations who have put in a tremendous amount of work in recent months organising sponsored walks, benefit concerts, hill climbs and all sorts of other activities. Their dedication to the campaign deserves the highest praise.

“Another spin-off from their efforts has been the close working relationships which have been developed between the various groups. The different organisations have been used to doing their own thing before but they have been able to come together to work towards our common goal.

“By identifying people with different skills the campaign is helping lay the foundations for the new community Raith Rovers should the takeover be successful.”

Although the initial target has been reached the effort continues as campaign spokesperson Mike Melville explained.

“The significance of the £100,000 is twofold. Firstly back in July the fans’ groups undertook to reach that target and we have delivered on that promise. Secondly that sum will guarantee “Reclaim the Rovers” a seat on the board of the new ownership group with the other investors.

“However in terms of the funds required to make a success of the club after a takeover, every single extra penny counts. There have been a couple of issues thrown up during due diligence which could impact on the running of the club for the rest of the season. That is why it is essential that we continue fundraising up to and beyond the takeover.”

The success of the campaign now hinges on negotiations with the current owners, West City Development. A successful outcome to those talks could see Raith Rovers back in the hands of the community in the very near future.

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