Club Ready To Punish Own Players For Cheating Print This Post

This story hit the news a couple of weeks ago and despite a bit of press attention it seems to have faded away again, despite the current controversy regarding the conduct of high profile players such as Cristiano Ronaldo.

Torquay United announced at the end of November that they were going to introduce disciplinary measures against any of their own players who repeatedly tried to con the referee by diving or feigning injury, and that it would be “three strikes and you’re out” – the ultimate sanction being the cancellation of their contract. Read the rest of this entry »

Surreal Football Chants Print This Post

I really enjoyed this article, which appeared in the Nicky Campbell column in The Guardian today. See his full column here

Reminds me of some great chants at the Rovers, unfortunately some of the funniest aren’t printable… suffice to say that my favourite was sung to Graeme Souness when he was manager of Rangers by a bunch of guys standing in the old enclosure right behind the dugouts, and referred to a tabloid story that had appeared that week about his wife running off with a Spanish waiter she’d met when they were on holiday. I’ve no idea if the story was true, but the look on his face was priceless! Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome to the (mostly) new and (hopefully) improved website! Print This Post

Today is an important date in every Raith Rovers fan’s year – the 12th anniversary of our league cup win against Celtic. So crack open a can of Coca Cola and have a look through the site. And as this is an interactive site, please use the comments button at the bottom of each post to let us know what you think!

Raith Trust Online Shop is Live! Print This Post

The Raith Trust have great pleasure in announcing that our online shop is now live! We have signed up with, one of the leading affiliate schemes on the market, to bring you a huge selection of products and services from over 100 suppliers – all of which will earn the Trust money.

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Anti-Racism Tournament Results Print This Post

Some players, yesterday

Full Results of all games from today’s 7-a-side tournament in support of football’s Anti-Racism Fortnight of Action.

Game 1: FC Cain 0 – FF Mingin 2
Game 2: Fife’s Finest 2 – Nearly Great 2
Game 3: FC Cain 1 – Badr United 3
Game 4: Fife’s Finest 1 – Geordie Munrovers 2
Game 5: FF Mingin 0 – Badr United 3
Game 6: Nearly Great 0 – Geordie Munrovers 1
Game 7: FC Cain 1 – Nearly Great 1
Game 8: FF Mingin 2 – Fife’s Finest 0
Game 9: FC Cain 2 – Geordie Munrovers 1
Game 10: Fife’s Finest 0 – Badr United 2
Game 11: FF Mingin 1 – Nearly Great 0
Game 12: Badr United 0 – Geordie Munrovers 2
Game 13: FC Cain 1 – Fife’s Finest 0
Game 14: Nearly Great 1 – Badr United 3
Game 15: FF Mingin 0 – Geordie Munrovers 0

Semi Final 1: Badr United 4 – FC Cain 1
Semi Final 2: Geordie Munrovers 5 – FF Mingin 0

Final: Badr United 2 – Geordie Munrovers 2
Geordie Munrovers win 3-1 on Penalties

Match Day Print This Post

The weather looks good, the teams are picked and the Ralgex is in the kitbag! It’s showtime!

My Edinburgh: Ian Rankin Print This Post

A brief mention, but they all count! News – Ian Rankin & Rebus – My Edinburgh: Ian Rankin

Game On Print This Post

With all the playing and managing places complete all supporters are invited to come along to Stark’s Park this Sunday to cheer the players on and see some Rovers Legends once again grace the turf where they made their names.

Game kicks off at 2pm and entry is free.

Managers Auction Closes Wednesday Print This Post

Just as with the players auction the auction for the managers spots on each team will close at 10pm this Wednesday.

Players Notified Print This Post

All highest bidders should have received notification of the payment details and itinerary for the day. If anyone hasn’t received the information then they should contact James Proctor ( immediately – mobile 07801 815784.

Remember the game, which kicks off at 2pm this Sunday, is free for all spectators so if you’re not playing come along and cheers the guys on.