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SFL President, John Smith, has hit back at claims made in the leaked PKF report which stated that the organisation wasn’t fit for modern business practices. Smith states that the report, which was commissioned by the SFL itself, is unbalanced and doesn’t represent the true situation.

The Scotsman, Herald (editorial) and BBC all give the issue some column inches today.

The reports suggest that 1st Division clubs have invited some 2nd Division clubs to their meeting on Thursday evening while the SFL have also organised to sit down with the 2nd and 3rd Division clubs at the same time. That should make for an interesting conversation in the lifts!

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A report commissioned by the Scottish Football League has found that the organisation is not fit for the modern day business environment and staff are “institutionalised and demoralised”

The report by accountants and business advisors, PKF, also states that the SFL lacks a ‘commercial engine’ which, given that two of the three competitions it runs are without a sponsor, isn’t exactly surprising.

In addition the BBC reports that the SFL costs much more to administrate than similar leagues in England and that staffing levels are way above those required for other larger league set-ups.

More info can be found on the BBC Website here.

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With three quarters of the season over and given that the Rovers have been on a bit of a run of late I thought I’d take a wee look at some stats just to see if there was anything unusual about results. Fortunately the good people at Football365 (other stats sites are available!) are more than happy to supply all sorts of peculiar information to get your teeth into.

The first thing that jumps out about the run is that it is league winning form. But although we’ve taken masses of points more than teams like Ayr (13pts) and Forfar (13), the 10 and 6 points we’ve made up on Stirling and Brechin respectively, have only brought us back into contention for the playoff places. And as great a run as it is we’ve only pulled back three points on Morton which just shows the consistency required to hit the top end of the table and stay there. Read the rest of this entry »

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Interesting announcement last week that the Scottish Executive had teamed up with the SPL clubs to help fund employment programs for 16-19 year olds who are not in education, employment or training – NEET’s in the Executive’s parlance.

The KickStart program will target around 5,000 of the estimated 35,000 teenagers that fall into the NEET category and try to use football as the motivation for them to find a way forward into employment. The Exec are putting £400,000 into the project in order to double the amount of places available.

While this specific project doesn’t involve SFL clubs like our own it does show that there is a willingness to invest in football in order to try and solve some of the social problems in society in a new and creative way.

More info can be found on the Scottish Executive’s website here, and on the BBC Website here.

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The Guardian’s blog is fast becoming one of my favourite websites. Here’s a match report from last night’s game that made me laugh out loud and then bang my head on the table repeatedly – I nearly went along to watch this (as I’m in London on business) but decided not to at the last minute as it was so cold!

With the reported in incident at Starks Park a few days ago in mind, where a Raith fan was asked to show a bit of restraint because “it’s a football match not a singing match”, I wonder how Rock Steady would have coped stewarding this game???

Here is the report… The Black Stars Trounce The Super Eagles

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As part of our low-key relaunch of the Trust website late last year, we joined an affiliate scheme which gave us an online shop selling pretty much anything you can think of from over 100 retailers. www.buy.at who pull these offers together for us have just announced that they have added Tesco to their list of retailers.

Visit our online shop and click on the Tesco logo on the front page – if you enter the Tesco website through that route you can earn a 2% commission for the Trust on every purchase you make (and a £5 lump sum commission when you register and make your first purchase).

There are some fantastic commission deals available to us through buy.at. Have a look at the A-Z list of retailers on the site to see how much your purchases can contribute to Trust funds.

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This story hit the news a couple of weeks ago and despite a bit of press attention it seems to have faded away again, despite the current controversy regarding the conduct of high profile players such as Cristiano Ronaldo.

Torquay United announced at the end of November that they were going to introduce disciplinary measures against any of their own players who repeatedly tried to con the referee by diving or feigning injury, and that it would be “three strikes and you’re out” – the ultimate sanction being the cancellation of their contract. Read the rest of this entry »

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I really enjoyed this article, which appeared in the Nicky Campbell column in The Guardian today. See his full column here

Reminds me of some great chants at the Rovers, unfortunately some of the funniest aren’t printable… suffice to say that my favourite was sung to Graeme Souness when he was manager of Rangers by a bunch of guys standing in the old enclosure right behind the dugouts, and referred to a tabloid story that had appeared that week about his wife running off with a Spanish waiter she’d met when they were on holiday. I’ve no idea if the story was true, but the look on his face was priceless! Read the rest of this entry »

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Today is an important date in every Raith Rovers fan’s year – the 12th anniversary of our league cup win against Celtic. So crack open a can of Coca Cola and have a look through the site. And as this is an interactive site, please use the comments button at the bottom of each post to let us know what you think!

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The Raith Trust have great pleasure in announcing that our online shop is now live! We have signed up with buy.at, one of the leading affiliate schemes on the market, to bring you a huge selection of products and services from over 100 suppliers – all of which will earn the Trust money.

Read the rest of this entry »