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Trust Board Meeting, 17th March 2020

Venue: Online

Present: Graeme Baxter (GB), Graeme Condie (GC), Colin Flinn (CF), Steven Lawther (SL), James Proctor (JP), Alan Russell (AR) & Andy Simpson (AS)
Apologies: Steve Wallace (SW)

Minutes of previous meeting

Verbal report of last meeting on 7 December 2019 – Agreed.

Matters Arising

No matters arising outside agenda.

Club Finances

Get clarity on club finances and future requirements.

Offer support and help.

Treasurers Report

GC provided an update on Trust funds.


Note: In December 2013 the Trust Board agreed to maintain a balance of £10,000.

Membership Update & Strategy

Member handover to be completed

Members to be transferred to new database

Agreed that the Trust will concentrate on supporting the club and consider a new membership drive when the situation is clearer.


Communication Update

No response from club on survey.



Player of the Year event taking place online.

Sponsorship of the event agreed.


No meeting had taken place.

Discussion of Supporters-Director term.


Matchday / Roary Club

New volunteers will run the Roary Club.

Trust need to ensure a presence at the table on matchdays.


Date of next meeting