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General Meeting, 13th November 2004

Venue: Philp Hall, Links Street, Kirkcaldy

Attendance: 27

Proxies: 13

The meeting was preceded by a speech by Colin McGowan, Director of RRFC and West City Developments.
A short question and answer session followed this speech.

The official portion of the meeting commenced at 1740 hrs

Treasurer’s report

£11,800 in the bank account, of which:

Membership update

Currently at 185 – 108 Founder Members, 61 New Adult Members, 16 Junior

Chairman’s Remarks

Community Ownership:


Proposal 1: That current trust funds do not allow for a further investment to be made in the club beyond the £6,012 already invested in August – Carried Unanimously

Proposal 2: That the Society Board is given the authority of the members to fully explore the concept of greater community ownership of RRFC – Carried Unanimously

Meeting Closed at 1830 hrs