Trust Principles


Everyone has an equal say – no buying influence
We work on the simple democratic principle of one person, one vote. By keeping the organisation on this footing we ensure that every fan is equally important and therefore their voice, their input and their vote is as important as anyone else’s.

Profits are reinvested, not paid out as dividends
As a non-profit company we can ensure that no one is contributing in order to make a personal financial gain. Surpluses are reinvested so the organisation will become more successful and be able to expand its activities. Retaining surpluses also helps us keep membership affordable, ensuring that everyone can be represented.

You’re an owner, not just a member
Because the organisation is a limited liability company you are actually a part owner rather than just a member. This reinforces your right to have a say in the decision making process and be elected to the board. The £1 share you receive on becoming a member will remain yours for as long as you want to remain a member. Ownership has its privileges!


You decide who runs the organisation
As a member you not only get to vote for the people who run the organisation, you can also stand for election yourself. In fact the majority of directors will always be elected from the general membership so members who want to get more involved are encouraged to put themselves forward.

Accountable and transparent
The organisation must present you with properly audited accounts every year and ask the members to agree to them at an Annual General Meeting (AGM). At any time a member can ask about the running of the Trust and separate records are kept at the registered office so members can inspect them independently.


Over the first three years of the Trust’s existence, a lot of effort went into the unglamorous work needed to set up and run the Trust. That meant we were in a position to harness the skills and abilities of all supporters when the time came to get into action – and that time came in 2005 when the majority shareholders of Raith Rovers decided they wanted out. The Reclaim The Rovers campaign was formed, and the foundations we had laid were invaluable in giving us the structure and organisation we needed to successfully raise the funds we needed in conjunction with the other major supporters groups to be a part of the new regime. The Trust is now the legal vehicle for the Raith Forum’s shareholding, which represents approximately 14% of the total shares in the companies which make up Raith Rovers.


A widely respected, healthy, stable and successful football club that works in harmony with the local community and listens to the views of its supporters. Like you, everyone in the Trust is committed to the long term survival of the club. Not only that but we want to see the club prosper and be a respected part of the local community. We want people to be proud of the club and its achievements.

Even though we can’t always be winners on the field we want the club to be a winner off the field every time.


Two ways: By becoming a major shareholder in the football club and using the rights of any shareholder to influence club policy, and secondly, by organising the supporters into a cohesive group and representing these views to the club. Influence through democracy.


This is just a flavour of what it means to be a member of the Trust. There’s only so much that can be covered in such a relatively small space. We always enjoy talking about what the supporters can achieve together so why not get in touch with us to find out more.