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David Goodwillie: 18/02/22 update

Friday, February 18th, 2022

Earlier this week, the football club announced that it had reached out to supporters’ groups, and would be meeting with each of them over the coming weeks as part of its plan to repair the damage caused by its signing of David Goodwillie. We welcome this approach, and are one of the groups who have already met with the club’s CEO to begin these discussions. We’d like to give you an overview of what was discussed, and outline the key points we raised in our meeting.

The meeting was positive and productive, and we found the club open and willing to listen to our ideas and concerns, and also to understand our point of view on issues where we disagreed. The process of rebuilding the club’s reputation and the trust of fans and the wider community is likely to be challenging, but we are encouraged that there is a genuine desire to work together towards this goal.

While many fans have called for the resignation of those involved in this transfer, we have resisted doing so ourselves. Instead, we have challenged the remaining board members to take responsibility for their part in the transfer by supporting positive change, to make our club better. We are keen to work together towards a long-term sustainable model for the club, with governance and decision-making structures that are fit for purpose and which will prevent any repeat of the recent failures. There should be no place at Starks Park for anyone unwilling to support this process, and it is essential that the four remaining club directors – John Sim, David Sinton, Tom Morgan and Steven MacDonald – accept that they failed the club, its fans, and its community on January 31st and commit to the process of change.

We set out four immediate priorities for change, and look forward to these being incorporated in the club’s rebuilding plan alongside the priorities of other supporters’ groups:

  1. Rebuilding trust with the club’s volunteers, by demonstrating that the club’s values will guide everything that the club does, and that it still stands for the things that led volunteers to devote their time and energy to it in the first place. Many (but not all) volunteers have returned to their roles, every one of us deserves to feel that the club has learned from recent events and will not let us down again.
  2. Establishing clear roles and accountabilities at board level, a clearly defined decision-making process, and greater diversity at board level – not just in terms of their demographics, but by becoming a leadership group who represent the whole of the community that our football club serves, and put the community at the heart of every decision it makes.
  3. Ensuring a strong focus on fan engagement, by ensuring permanent democratic representation at board level for supporters. It was notable that our elected Supporter-Director and our Supporter Liaison Officer were the first to resign in protest against the signing of David Goodwillie, and the club must ensure that people with their integrity are listened to – the voice of the fans must be taken seriously. We hope that Raith Rovers fans can continue to be represented by people of Andy Mill and Margie Robertson’s calibre.
  4. Extending the existing arrangements for fan engagement to include a permanent ‘structured dialogue’ process. Building on best practice seen at other Scottish clubs and beyond, Raith Rovers should establish mechanisms to consult with supporters before difficult decisions are made, including a representative group of fans who can be brought into board-level discussions to provide feedback and fresh perspectives. Accountability for decisions should remain with the club’s board and staff, but with a checkpoint built into these decisions to ensure they are fully thought through.

David Goodwillie: an update (10/02/22)

Thursday, February 10th, 2022

The Trust board are meeting regularly, and we are keen to help rebuild the club in a way which will prevent such an error of judgement ever being repeated.

We are encouraged that many other supporters groups share our concerns, and we will engage with those within and around the club in order to understand how the club can move forward.

We believe the Trust can play a unique role amongst these groups, as we are legally constituted as a democratic organisation, open to all, with an established and trusted reputation. The Trust is ready to act as the engine room for any fan-led campaign to take the club forward.

In our conversations with the club we will focus first on the governance and decision-making processes which led to this signing, the club’s apparent disregard for its own values, and the need for a genuine apology to all victims of male sexual violence for the hurt caused.

Football is nothing without fans, and many have made invaluable contributions to the club as volunteers over the years. If our club is to thrive again it is vital that it rebuilds their trust.

This issue has affected every fan differently, and we respect your own personal choices on how to support the club. We must not allow this issue to divide us, and we will work hard to represent and unite all supporters behind our long-term vision for a stronger Raith Rovers.

A new look for the Roary Club

Monday, February 22nd, 2021

During the pandemic an incredible amount of work has been done by the club – to create a safe working environment for the players and management team, and for opposition teams when they come to Starks Park, but also to improve the facilities for supporters when we are eventually able to return. We’ve also used this time to improve the areas of the South Stand concourse that we use on matchdays, and can’t wait to see you there again.

Over the years, with the amazing development of the Roary Club, we have outgrown our traditional space in the centre of the concourse. So we have decided to put the future supporters of the club at the heart of the home stand, and have created a dedicated space for the Roary Club in the central alcove where you are used to seeing the Trust committee. We commissioned an artist, Paco Graff, to create a unique piece of artwork that we’re sure the Roary Club members will love – a life size mural of Roary! When members come to get their membership card stamped each Saturday they’ll also be able to get a selfie with Roary, without getting in the way of the old guys!

The club have kindly allowed the Trust to take over the next alcove, beside the pie stand nearest the main stand. As soon as lockdown restrictions are lifted Paco Graff will be back to work on the next phase of this project – we can’t say too much about this just now, but we hope it will create as much of a buzz as the Roary mural does… we’ll share more about this part of the project as soon as we can!

As Jock Stein famously said, football without fans is nothing. The club have missed us over the last year, and we have missed all of you. But we have not stood still during this absence, and neither have the club. When we eventually return it will be one of the biggest days in our 138 year history, and we’re delighted to see how much work is being done to make our home a place we can continue to be proud of, and the place we spend some of our happiest hours.

Raith Supporters Trust AGM – 24th November 2020

Friday, November 13th, 2020

All Trust members have been sent formal notification of our forthcoming AGM at 7pm on Tuesday 24 November. Due to Covid-19 restrictions the meeting will take place online using Zoom.

If you are able to attend please email and you will be sent the link for the meeting.

At 7.30pm we will be joined by Stadium Manager, Scott Boyd, for a Q&A session about stadium changes at Stark’s Park and plans for the return of fans when that becomes possible.

If you are unable to make the AGM but would like to send a proxy, either allowing someone else to vote or to give your vote to the Chairperson, please get in touch. If you are interested in joining the board please also get in touch.

We look forward to welcoming you on the 24th.

Please also download our Winter 2020 newsletter with an overview of recent news from the Trust.

Raith Supporters Trust pick up the tab for season ticket refunds

Friday, June 26th, 2020

The Raith Supporters Trust have stepped in to make sure that the club don’t lose out on recent season ticket refunds. Raith Rovers had offered all season ticket holders a refund due to not being able to finish the season, with a small number of supporters taking up the offer. The Raith Supporters Trust have offered to cover the cost of the refunds to make sure that the club didn’t lose out financially and the club have accepted.

Trust Chairman Alan Russell said “This is a difficult time for many supporters and offering fans a refund was the right thing to do. It was great to see club go even further and extend an offer to help fans who are struggling in any way they could. As a Supporters Trust we wanted to make sure that the club didn’t lose out financially, so we have made a donation to cover the cost of the refunds that were given. It has been great to see the fans come together the last few months and work to support the club. We are proud that Raith Rovers is a strong community club where the voice of fans is heard and valued.”

2020 Summer Update

Wednesday, June 17th, 2020

Despite the prolonged absence of Scottish football action there has been plenty to keep our attention – and we need to recognise and be thankful that Raith Rovers are weathering this storm in better shape than many clubs. That is no small part due to the efforts of the players and backroom team up until March 13th, keeping their noses in front of Falkirk, Airdrieonians, Montrose and East Fife. This secured promotion after three seasons in League One, and we wish those four teams the very best of fortune in next season’s campaign, whenever it begins. It was a genuine five horse race in 2019/20, with fantastic matches against each of those teams (and some really stern tests from those who finished further behind the top five). It does not feel right that these teams were not given the chance to fight for the second promotion place that would otherwise have been up for grabs.

Raith Rovers Football Club have also benefited from strong and decisive leadership within the boardroom – we were one of the first clubs in the country to launch a crowdfunding campaign, which brought in a massive amount of money. Rovers fan Ruaridh Kilgour’s company, Fanwave Digital, were the brains behind the innovative fundraising platform which has raised over £150,000 for clubs across the country – including more than £15,000 donated by Rovers supporters. The Raith Rovers family have put their money where their mouth is and dug deep to help the club, and we are immensely proud of the way in which we have come together to ensure that our club survives and is in the best shape it can be by the time the Championship campaign begins.

As a Supporters Trust we have not wanted to distract from the clubs fundraising efforts so we helped to promote these through all of our social media channels. But we have still been busy and have been using this time to prepare for the future and are delighted to now have an online membership platform ready to launch, automating many of the more time-consuming tasks involved in running the Trust, and will be able to communicate directly with members more easily in the future. When the new season is finally upon us we will be encouraging every Rovers supporter to use this platform to sign up as a Trust member, with our focus shifting from share ownership to supporter engagement.

We will also be catching up with governance activities after lockdown, having postponed our AGM until face-to-face meetings are once again permitted. In the event that restrictions remain in place long-term we will move this process to an online platform, but our preference is to meet with you in person. We’ve missed you all!

Remembering Bill Powrie

Thursday, July 25th, 2019

The Raith Supporters Trust were saddened to learn last year of the death of long-standing member Bill Powrie, who passed away following a prolonged illness. Bill had followed the Rovers for most of his life, and had been a member of the Trust since the Reclaim The Rovers campaign in 2005.

Bill started coming along to Starks Park in the early seventies with his friends from Kinghorn and Kirkcaldy High School. Bill was a junior season ticket holder in those early days and on more than one occasion he was lucky enough to get his ticket pulled out of the hat to win a trip on the team bus to away matches. George Farm’s team, in particular the scoring exploits of Joe Baker (34 goals in 49 appearances), cemented Bill’s affection for ‘all things Raith’ and he listed Joe, Bobby Reid, Roddy Georgeson, Malcolm Robertson, Gordon Wallace (mark 1) and Murray McDermott amongst his favourites. Even when Bill moved away from the Kirkcaldy area, he never wavered in his support of the club and would still make the effort to come back for games when he could.

In his estate, Bill kindly made a generous bequest to the Raith Supporters Trust. After consulting with Bill’s family, we decided to use Bill’s legacy to help grow the next generation of Raith Rovers supporters. Fans are the lifeblood of any football club, and with so many other things competing for their attention, it is often a challenge to attract younger fans through the turnstiles. Due to Bill’s generosity, the Raith Supporters Trust were able to subsidise the cost of more than 200 season tickets for young supporters this season, making it easier for them to support their local club. We were delighted to learn last week that almost all of the reduced priced tickets had been sold and we hope that the young supporters go on to develop the same affection for the club that Bill felt during his life.

We would like to express our sincere condolences again to Bill’s family and thank Bill for his generosity towards both the Raith Supporters Trust and Raith Rovers in his will.

Raith Supporters Trust AGM

Sunday, May 19th, 2019

All members should have now received notification of our Annual General Meeting, to be held on Thursday 30th May, at 7pm, in the 200 Club at Starks Park. This AGM will present last year’s Trust accounts for your review, and will be followed by a more informal session to discuss a number of fundraising initiatives.

Some members have advised us that they were unable to open the agenda, proxy form and accounts which were attached to their notification email. These documents will be available in hard copy on the 30th, but can also be downloaded here:

The formal business of the AGM will commence at 7pm, following the order set out in the agenda.

As normally happens at our AGMs, three of our board members will be standing down on rotation. All have indicated their willingness to be considered for re-election, alongside any member who wishes to stand for election. Fresh blood on the Trust board is always welcomed, and we would encourage anyone with an interest in becoming more involved in the Trust to come forward at this point, at the AGM or at any point in the future.

We hope to see as many of you as possible on the 30th.

Win tickets for the Raith Supporters Trust Burns Night!

Monday, January 21st, 2019

In honour of the superb Scottish Cup win over Dunfermline last weekend, The Raith Supporters Trust are giving away three pairs of tickets for this weekend’s Burns Night event in the Raith Suite.

To be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets, simply answer this question…

Rover’s hat trick hero, Lewis Vaughan has scored how many goals for Raith Rovers?

Email your answer to by 5pm on Wednesday 23rd January, along with your name and contact details, and we will draw out three lucky winners and notify the winners on Thursday.

This is the Raith Supporters Trust’s 5th annual Burns’ Night event, this weekend, Saturday 26th January.

John McGlynn and Paul Smith have already pledged their support and will be joining us on the night as well as some other special guests and surprises on the night. Guests will be treated to a traditional 2 course Burns Supper with a wee dram or two to toast not only Rabbie Burns, but also to a fine win over Dunfermline.

Not only will the Raith Suite bar be open but we will also be offering an exciting range of Scottish craft beers and ciders to enjoy on the evening.

There will be Burns readings, bagpipes, the Big Burns Raffle and auction and more.

A limited number of tickets are still available at £25 per person and can be bought in the following ways:

2018/19 Membership Renewals

Monday, August 27th, 2018

Raith Supporters Trust members will receive membership renewal invitations this week. Members paying by standing order do not need to take any action, other than letting us know if any of their contact details have changed. If you have not received a letter or email from us by the beginning of next week please get in touch with us via

We have kept the membership fee at the same level since 2007, so if possible we would encourage you to consider adding a monthly donation to your membership. Many members already do so and this extra income allows us to do increase our investment and funding in the Football Club. To do this simply contact your bank to amend your Standing Order, or click here to make a one-off payment.