David Goodwillie: an update (10/02/22)

The Trust board are meeting regularly, and we are keen to help rebuild the club in a way which will prevent such an error of judgement ever being repeated.

We are encouraged that many other supporters groups share our concerns, and we will engage with those within and around the club in order to understand how the club can move forward.

We believe the Trust can play a unique role amongst these groups, as we are legally constituted as a democratic organisation, open to all, with an established and trusted reputation. The Trust is ready to act as the engine room for any fan-led campaign to take the club forward.

In our conversations with the club we will focus first on the governance and decision-making processes which led to this signing, the club’s apparent disregard for its own values, and the need for a genuine apology to all victims of male sexual violence for the hurt caused.

Football is nothing without fans, and many have made invaluable contributions to the club as volunteers over the years. If our club is to thrive again it is vital that it rebuilds their trust.

This issue has affected every fan differently, and we respect your own personal choices on how to support the club. We must not allow this issue to divide us, and we will work hard to represent and unite all supporters behind our long-term vision for a stronger Raith Rovers.

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2 Responses

  1. Peter Hutchison says:

    it is vital the board tell us how they are actually trying to build bridges ,,,,at the moment it seems they are doing very little and hoping this will blow over,,,,volunteers ,sponsors , fans all need to know that these were not empty words ,,,,some updates would help

  2. Jim Paul says:

    I was a contributing member of the Raith Supporters Fund and a fan of 55+ years, this sorry mess has bought nothing but shame to the club I loved. If the board are to ‘build bridges’ it has to publically apologise, not hide behind a website statement, which did no good whatsoever. I will not be back, or reinstating my contribution until that player is officially gone, and the board faces the public. This has broken the hearts of many supporters and those same supporters deserve better.

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