Trust Board

Trust Chair: Alan Russell

Alan works for a locally-based management consultancy, and is also Executive Director of Supporters Direct Scotland. He has been a member of the Trust board since June 2002, and Trust Chair since June 2006. He is currently a member of the Scottish Football Association Congress, and a board member of Football Supporters Europe (heading the On-Top Division for Fan Ownership & Heritage Protection).

Trust Secretary: James Proctor

James was a Development Officer for Supporters Direct until March 2012. He has been a board member of Raith Supporters Trust since its formation in 2001.

Membership Secretary: Colin Flinn

Details to follow…

Minutes Secretary

This position is currently vacant.

Treasurer: Graeme Condie / Chris McFarlane

Graeme took over as treasurer in June 2006, and brings considerable expertise to this role from his background as an accountant. Graeme was instrumental in constructing the business model which was used to support the Reclaim The Rovers campaign’s vision for the football club’s future.

Community Specialist

This position is currently vacant.

Communications & Media Specialist

This position is currently vacant.

Social & Events Coordinator: Steve Wallace

Steve works as a retail food and drinks consultant. He’s been a regular at Stark’s Park for almost 30 years and travelled to the Faroes, Iceland and Munich on the Rovers European adventure. Favourite ever player is still Stevie “Bingo” Simpson. Steve joined the Trust Board in March 2012.

Board Member: Carol Smith

Living and supporting Raith Rovers from Barcelona. Has been known to do triathlons in the past to raise money for the trust. 

Board Member: Paul Gilfillan

Paul Gilfillan has been watching the Rovers at Stark’s Park for more than 50 years. He’s seen all sorts of good and bad in that time and he lists his favourite players as Benny McGuire, Stevie Simpson and David McGurn. Now a jeweller, Paul was the creator and editor of Raith fanzine, Stark’s Bark, and wrote and edited the matchday programme for a period in the 90s. Not playing in the UEFA Cup next season.

RRFC Supporters’ Director: Dorothy Wilson

Dorothy was elected to the role of RRFC Supporters’ Director following Andy Mill’s resignation in February 2022, representing the Raith Forum’s investment in New Raith Rovers Ltd.