A new look for the Roary Club

During the pandemic an incredible amount of work has been done by the club – to create a safe working environment for the players and management team, and for opposition teams when they come to Starks Park, but also to improve the facilities for supporters when we are eventually able to return. We’ve also used this time to improve the areas of the South Stand concourse that we use on matchdays, and can’t wait to see you there again.

Over the years, with the amazing development of the Roary Club, we have outgrown our traditional space in the centre of the concourse. So we have decided to put the future supporters of the club at the heart of the home stand, and have created a dedicated space for the Roary Club in the central alcove where you are used to seeing the Trust committee. We commissioned an artist, Paco Graff, to create a unique piece of artwork that we’re sure the Roary Club members will love – a life size mural of Roary! When members come to get their membership card stamped each Saturday they’ll also be able to get a selfie with Roary, without getting in the way of the old guys!

The club have kindly allowed the Trust to take over the next alcove, beside the pie stand nearest the main stand. As soon as lockdown restrictions are lifted Paco Graff will be back to work on the next phase of this project – we can’t say too much about this just now, but we hope it will create as much of a buzz as the Roary mural does… we’ll share more about this part of the project as soon as we can!

As Jock Stein famously said, football without fans is nothing. The club have missed us over the last year, and we have missed all of you. But we have not stood still during this absence, and neither have the club. When we eventually return it will be one of the biggest days in our 138 year history, and we’re delighted to see how much work is being done to make our home a place we can continue to be proud of, and the place we spend some of our happiest hours.

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