Trust Board Meeting, 15th December 2020

Venue: Online

Present: Graeme Baxter (GB), Colin Flinn (CF), Steven Lawther (SL), James Proctor (JP), Alan Russell (AR) & Steve Wallace (SW)
Apologies: Graeme Condie (GC) & Andy Simpson (AS)

Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of last meeting on 3 November 2020 – AGREED

Matters Arising


Club Update

No issues identified at the moment.


  • AR to write to club to clarify outstanding questions submitted to Q&A – COMPLETE
  • AR to pull together examples of fan/community ownership at clubs in Scotland and abroad – carried over.

Treasurers Report

No update

Lack of bank access is becoming a problem. Other organisations are having similar problems changing accounts and access details.


  • GC to close account – carried over
  • JP to send initial letter to Loan Note Holders – carried over
  • AR to draft Google form for AGM entry – COMPLETE

Note: In December 2013 the Trust Board agreed to maintain a balance of £10,000.

Membership Update

No change in membership during the month.

CF requires bank access.

Membership drive to be discussed at January meeting.


  • Discuss recruitment drive at January meeting.
  • GC to get bank access for CF.

Communication Update

Update members on return to the stadium.


  • SL to draft newsletter on return to stadium issues.
  • Discuss getting assistance with Social Media – carried over – look to advertise on social media.
  • AR to put notice of Loan Notes on website & facebook page – carry over to when notices are sent.


No events planned until Covid-19 regulations are substantially amended.


No meeting to report.

Notify Forum of Supporter Director process for 2021.


  • AR to contact Forum


Waiting for notification from Scott Boyd – two month lead time.


  • AR to contact Scott Boyd


AGM held successfully.


  • JP to file AR30

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 12th January 2021 – Online – focus on Membership Drive

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