Trust Board Meeting, 24th September 2012Print This Post

Venue: Novar Bar, Kirkcaldy
Present: John Mainland (JM), James Proctor (JP), Niall Russell (NR) & Alan Russell (AR).
Apologies: Steven Lawther (SL), Tam Cunningham (TC), Graeme Condie (GC) and Steve Wallace (SW)

Minutes of previous meeting
It was agreed that they were a record of the previous board meeting on 30 July 2012.
Action: AR to publish to website

Matters Arising
Share Certificates in AR’s possession
Action: AR to pass to GC

PO Box
– Back in use – Completed

– AR received information from two other trusts on possible events
Action: AR to pass info to SW

SD Membership
– Confirmed – Completed

Treasurers Report
GC not available. Accounts had been circulated for comment.

Membership Update
Currently 216 members, 106 are using Standing Orders.

Raith Trust Communication Update
Newsletter distributed at Hamilton match.

The new advert for the programme is being used.

The renewal letters have been re-written to include key messages.

There was a press releases on Lets Fill Starks Park / Newco decision.

The Red Circle/Trust logos need de-coupled on the rotating bit of the front page of the official website.
Action: NR to chase Laura at RRFC in regard to de-coupling logos.

Rally Round the Rovers
Campaign has now passed.
Action: AR to speak to Dave Wann and discuss policy papers

Trust Away Day/AGM
Away Day: Saturday 8 October possibly at Aberdour around 11am.
Action: JP to confirm date, time and place.

AGM – provisionally 29 November.
Action: AR to check venue  (Raith Suite?) and possibility of holding a quiz night.

Fans Forum
Action: JP to arrange election of Fans Director

Agreed to vote for candidates for the Supporters Direct Scottish Council.

Co-op event in Kirkcaldy on 4 October – JM/AR will attend.

Date of next meeting
Tuesday 4 December 2012 in the Novar Bar, Kirkcaldy.
Away Day – Saturday 6 October, 11am, The Boat House, Aberdour.

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