Trust Board Meeting, 15th November 2004Print This Post

Venue: Novar Bar, Kirkcaldy

Present: James Proctor (JP), Collas Pilmer (CP), George Howie (GH), John Mainland (JM), Neil Langtree (NL), Tom Phillips (TP), Alan Russell (AR), Chris McFarlane (CM)
Apologies: None

Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes were agreed as a fair record of the previous meeting

Treasurer’s report

£10,965 after payment of bills
Founder members have control of £3,000

Membership update

Currently at 187 – 108 Founders, 62 New Adult, 17 Junior

Matters Arising

Business Plan:

  • CP and David Wann were now discussing the details and further communication was expected
  • Meeting with Mr. Hutton to be arranged
  • Meeting with Mr. Miller to be arranged GH

SGM Notes:

  • Turnout at SGM lower than expected
  • Grateful for Mr. McGowan’s contribution
  • Unanimous vote gave a clear mandate for action
  • Mr. McGowan had now clearly confirmed the opportunity for community ownership
  • Action Results needed to be publicised
  • Meetings with Mario Caira, Alex Penman to be considered

Communication Issues:

  • More regular communication with members required
  • Group to be formed and given task of handling communication
  • Mike Melville to be approached to take a role

Community Ownership Fund Loan – Fund proposals to be suggested by AR/JM/CM/JP



Date of Next Meeting

Monday 29th November – 7.30pm @ Novar Bar

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