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Five years ago we published our first summary of “who owns what” at Raith Rovers. At last night’s AGM we shared an updated version of this, which brings the data up to date and also tells the story of how the football club’s structure has evolved over the last 130 years.

Screenshot 2016-03-21 10.01.06

Thanks go to John Litster for granting us permission to use the historical financial data originally published in his excellent book “Always Next Year”. The figures for the years since its 2008 publication are taken from the accounts of RRFC Ltd, Raith Rovers Holdings Ltd, New Raith Rovers Ltd and Starks Park Properties Ltd – and all figures have been adjusted for inflation to 2012 prices.

This document is best viewed in large format – for best results click the link below and then print it out on A3 paper.

Who Owns What (2013)?


  • David Redpath says:

    That’s a superb way of displaying data! What tools/software did you use to do that?

  • Alan says:

    Nothing too fancy David, just Excel to make the charts and graphs, and PowerPoint to lay it out and make it look right. I’ve also been playing around with a piece of software called Tableau, if I was to do this again I’d probably use that.

  • David Redpath says:

    Cheers Allan. I’ll look into that and have a play with it myself,

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