Raith Trust launches major push to boost membership

The Raith Trust is kicking off the new season with a major recruitment drive. Trust members will be out and about around Kirkcaldy this Saturday in an effort to persuade more Rovers fans to make their voices heard in the running of their football club by joining the Trust.


The Trust which exists to represent the views of ordinary fans currently has around 200 members, but Chairman Alan Russell is keen to persuade even more Rovers fans to join. He said “The Raith Trust is about giving supporters a say in the running of their football club and the more fans who get involved the stronger our voice.”

In recent years the Trust has invested over £150,000 in the club and played a major role in the successful Reclaim the Rovers campaign. It now holds around 14% of the total shares in Raith Rovers on behalf of the Raith Forum, and has a representative on the board of Raith Rovers. Alan Russell said he was proud of what had been achieved but that the Trust wants to do more. “We have made great progress in the last few years. We helped buy control of our club and there is a fan’s representative on the board making sure that the fan’s views are heard. However, there are still a number of challenges facing the club in the future so it is important that the supporters continue to have their say and play a part. We’d like as many people as possible to join the Trust.”

Membership of the Trust is only £5, and not only gives fan a say in how their club is run but last season also ensured access to tickets for important games.

Supporters can join at the Trust table in the South Stand or by picking up a membership form from one of the Trust members on Saturday. There will be an extra special bonus for one person as all new members will be entered into a prize draw to win a limited edition Raith Rovers canvas. The canvas shows a panoramic view of Starks’ Park on the day the team received the Second Division championship trophy and will be on display at the Trust table during Saturday’s game.

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