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Our recent survey of Raith Rovers fans has shown that most still need convincing on the radical changes to Scottish football being discussed this week.

The survey of almost 300 Rovers fans showed that less than a quarter of fans support the move to a 12-12-18 set up splitting into three leagues of eight (23%). There was more encouraging news on other aspects of the proposals with the move to one league body and a fairer distribution of money in the game both strongly supported (88% and 98% respectively).

87% of fans didn’t feel adequately consulted by the football authorities.

Commenting on the results, Chairman of the Raith Supporters Trust Alan Russell said “I am hugely encouraged that there is agreement on a move to one league body and a fairer sharing out of money. These are two changes that would benefit both Raith Rovers and Scottish football.

Russell added ‘These results also show that there is a lot of scepticism amongst Rovers fans about the proposed league structure and a degree of frustration around the lack of proper consultation with supporters. The most disappointing thing about this whole debate is that yet again the views of fans seemed to have been ignored.  Over the last few years at Raith Rovers we have made great progress with fans and the club working together and fan representation on the Board of Directors. It is just a shame that the wider football authorities still haven’t woken up to the contribution supporters can make. Football is for fans and if those in charge listen to their views then Scottish football can have a much stronger future”.

You can view the full results here

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