Alcohol sales at Starks Park – what do you think?

So the Tories are writing to all scottish football clubs to get their views on allowing the sale of alcohol at football games the same way as they do in England. So what do you as supporters think? Would you like a pint with your pie rather than a bovril?

See BBC article here

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4 Responses

  1. Graeme Condie says:

    Personally I think what we have today in the form of the 200 club works well. Don’t think we need anything else.

  2. Allan Traynor says:

    200 Club is limited to members only due to space restrictions. I think what is suggested here is the English model of being able to buy a pint at the kiosk in the ground, before the match and at half-time. I think it’s a great idea – I reguarly attend games in England and thorougly enjoy being able to get a pint in the ground and at half-time. I don’t see why the law should be any different in Scotland.

  3. Steven Lawther says:

    As Allan said people seem to be able to drink in England and at rugby matches here with no problem so I don’t see why it can’t work here. It could bring people to the ground earlier and be an additional source of revenue for clubs. I would like to see it trialed for a season in the lower leagues. We shouldn’t all be suffering because of previous violence at Old Firm games

  4. Allan Traynor says:

    Also, in releation to Graeme’s comment, the 200 Club is no use to us at away matches – or for fans not in the South Stand.

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