Trust Board Meeting, 6th May 2020

Venue: Online

Present: Graeme Baxter (GB), Steven Lawther (SL), James Proctor (JP), Alan Russell (AR), Andy Simpson (AS) & Steve Wallace (SW)
Apologies: Graeme Condie (GC), Colin Flinn (CF)

Minutes of previous meeting

Verbal report of last meeting on 17 March 2020 – Agreed.

Matters Arising

No matters arising outside agenda.

Club Finances

Keep lines of communication open to club.

Be guided by the club as to when any financial contributions or support if best used.

Treasurers Report

No report this month – GC to update when possible.

Loan Notes – Write to Loan Note Holders.

AGM to be organised once member database functional.


  • AR, JP & GC to write to Loan Note holders.
  • JP to organise AGM after next meeting.

Note: In December 2013 the Trust Board agreed to maintain a balance of £10,000.

Membership Update

Member handover to be completed

Members to be transferred to new database

Discussion of recruitment of new members at next meeting.


  • AR at arrange handover of membership information to CF and populate new database.

Communication Update

No response from club on survey.

Encourage club to look at Youth Ticket prices when they are considering next season ticket offer.


  • AR to contact Andy Mill on Youth Season Ticket Prices


All other events cancelled for now.


Discussion had taken place on the RRFC finances and implications of the lockdown.


Discussion of improving the area at next meeting.

Need to include new people running Roary Club.


  • Discuss ideas at next meeting.
  • SL to contact Roary Club organisers for input.

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 2 June 2020 – Online

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